Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Future So Great That I Cannot Even Begin to Fathom Right Now

Can you remember a time in your life when something you have been working for, sweated for, toiled for, worried over for, dreamed about, and just felt so right when fantasized about, actually become a reality where it is every bit as glorious as as you imagined? I can't answer this question right now, but I sure hope that the answer is YES. 

Erin Pavlina is one of the most highly regarded and sought after intuitive counselors world-wide. She is the wife of famous self-improvement blogger, Steve Pavlina. The following is straight from her website:

"Although Erin has been developing and using her intuitive gifts since she was a young child, it wasn’t until 2006 that she began blogging and sharing her wisdom and experiences with the world. She has written more than 600 articles on the subjects of spiritual, psychic, and personal development. 
Erin’s specialty is helping you get moving on your life path. Her clients consult with her in the areas of career, relationships, finances, health, and spirituality. She uses her intuitive abilities to connect with your spirit guides to get information to help you on your path, and/or to help you overcome the blocks to your success. To date she has worked with more than 2,500 clients."

I have read many of her articles on her website before, and her work is right up there with Dolores Cannon's works on metaphysics and spirituality. Erin's intuitive abilities towards the spiritual side matches and fits very well with metaphysical concepts in Dolores' Convoluted Universe Series and Between Death and Life. In fact, many of the concepts are now being delved into and touched upon from various independent fields of science including, epigenetics, quantum mechanics, biology, and theoretical physicists. I have written about the merging of science and spirituality before here.   

Well on Wednesday, September 10th, I sent out an email to Erin for one of her readings. I wanted some guidance related to my nursing job search. On the previous day, my mom was also inquiring me about my life and fate lines on my palms. I don't know to what extent she believes in palm reading but apparently, she feels like the palm lines for her hands, my dad's, and her parents' lines all match up and make sense. So we were talking about palm readings but instead of debating about the potential accuracies of palm reading of my mom and dad's lines, I told her about Erin and the intuitive abilities of other well-sought contemporary psychics like John Edwards. After showing my mom some articles, she allowed me to get a reading from Erin. So here's what I sent to Erin via email:

"Greetings Mrs. Pavlina, 
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Michael Leu and I am a 22 year old who recently graduated from the University of San Francisco (USF) this May with a Bachelors of Science (BSN) in Nursing. Since graduation I have gotten my RN license in California but I have not been able to find any job opportunities or even have any interviews yet. I have put in numerous online applications to various hospitals in California and if I continue to have an absence or lack of responses from hospitals, I will have to look out of state and towards more rural areas in hopes to find an RN job. As a note, in this current economy, new graduate registered nurses, in general, are having a very difficult time finding a job in California, and although out of state is easier, it is still no walk in the park to find a RN job as a new graduate currently. So I am definitely interested in knowing where I should apply that will likely get me a job. But to make things a bit more complicated, in addition to considering location, I would also like to know which department I should look to work in as a nurse. For example, during my last semester at USF, I did my preceptorship at Stanford Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU). However, my true interest lies in emergency, as I would like to be an Emergency Department/Room (ER) Registered Nurse. But with all candor and honesty, part of me is definitely concerned about becoming an ER nurse as it can be highly stressful, especially for a new graduate with no RN experience. So while ER is more interesting for me, I do have some doubts in the back of my mind regarding if I should be an ER nurse. Nursing is a career that requires cautiousness as medications can harm and kill patients. I suppose part of the reason that I have some anxiety about working in a critical care department is because I had a serious scare during one of my semesters in nursing school where in clinical, I almost gave a patient a wrong medication. Afterwards, I was pretty badly shaken to the point where I was seriously doubting if I made the right decision of going to nursing school and becoming a nurse. To understand this, I need to tell you about the reasons why I decided to go to get my BSN after high school.

I didn’t get into my top choice for the University of California Colleges, but I did get into USF for nursing. So not being admitted to my top choice of college, I did some research into the nursing field. I found out that RN’s only needed to work 3 days a week, made good money, didn’t need that many years of schooling to complete, and so it enticed me. But what ultimately persuaded me was the idea of travel nursing. I learned that with travel nursing, I could literally travel to different places in the United States, get paid well, and get to take time off in between assignments, to do whatever it is I wanted. Travel nurses usually work 13 week assignments, then take time off between assignments that is completely up to them. And being young, I have big dreams of Adventure. Growing up, my entire life has been very much focused around academics and in my heart of hearts, I feel like 22 years of this type of rigorous, mundane existence has got me dreaming of a life much more exciting than right now. I have dreams of living a life of adventure, fun, and excitement and unsurprisingly, one of my idols is Bear Grylls. I have dreams of travelling the world, trekking in the Himalayas, going to Africa, camping in the Sahara desert, hiking to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, etc. The types of activities I would like to get into one day are rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, surfing, etc. Almost all the outdoor adventure sports are interesting to me because I feel these activities and hobbies will allow me to live a life with much more excitement and adventure. And nearing the end of high school, I figured, travel nursing could allow me to do that since I could dictate my own schedule and go trek in the Himalayas when I had accumulated the money. This was the dream for me because not only would I have a good career where I could help people, but I could also take a lot more time off than the average American to go on all these adventures I yearned for.

To conclude this, One of my questions is career-wise, where should I be looking to get a quality RN job that I will likely learn a lot and succeed at, and what departments should I look at? Would my spirit guides advise me to accept an ER job as a new graduate RN? Where and in what am I most likely to find happiness, fulfillment, and purpose?

The reason I brought up my desire for adventure is because I worry about my future at times. I’m worried that I may have an accident and injure myself. These hobbies all have an element of danger and risk to them. And while I realize this, I still have a desire to do these things. I’m a very spiritual person so I believe things happen for a reason, but if these hobbies will cause me to have a serious injury of some kind, it would be in my best interest to find a way to prevent that from happening, similar to how you chose not to go on a camping trip in the 10th grade. I must add that I’m furthered concerned by this notion because my life and fate lines on my palms are more shallow than defined. I mean, should I be concerned by a lack of clear life and fate lines on my palms? Are my desires for adventure and excitement likely to cause to trouble in my future? What do my guides see in terms of where I am headed?

All in all, Thank you for doing what you do. People like you are few so I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to contact my spirit guide(s) and pass along what they have to say to guide me the best they can. 
Michael Leu"
According to her email instructions, I was also supposed to send a picture of myself that shows my face clearly. I sent in these two pictures:

On Friday September 12th, I woke up and checked my phone for gmail. I see one from Erin, sent at 5:47 AM. My mind is suddenly awake now. I think to myself, "wait hold on, do I really want to see this now? Is it good or is it bad?" Not letting my mind drift off any further, I clicked to open up the gmail, and I read this:

"Hi Michael,

Okay here we go….

First, your guides are saying you're actually on a really good path to become what you want to become.

Nursing and especially travel nursing are going to be fantastic for you.  Here's what they're showing me…

Take a job in whatever state or city you can find work, because you're not going to be there terribly long.  Get some experience, get in the door, do the work for a while.  You're going to see that you are excellent at it, and all the things you feared aren't going to happen.  You're going to gain some confidence and you're going to feel solid.

While you've got the steady and stable job, start figuring out how you can segue into travel nursing.  Research it, find companies, talk to other nurses who travel, etc.  Start to see how you can jump into travel nursing.  Your guides are showing me you potentially connected to a tv show or documentary crew and being one of the medical experts on the team that travels with the crew and provides emergency medical services, and that's why being an ER nurse is going to be critical.

They're also saying to keep yourself in really good shape physically.  Don't let that slide.  It's going to be a really big factor later.

they're also saying not to get too attached to anyone since for the next several years you're going to need to be mobile at a moment's notice.

So you're on the right path.  This is all going to turn into something you can't even fathom right now. 

Get a job as an ER nurse that is stable and steady
Then get into travel nursing, potentially with a film crew but however you can get it done, get it done

You're going to be really happy and you're going to get some amazing opportunities.  Just hold those desires in your mind and keep day dreaming about them.  Don't let your fears get teh best of you.  You're going to do great."

And Wow! Boy, did I not expect a response like that! I had no real idea what she would say but no way did I think she would have told me that! Maybe it's because I never thought something as great as that sounds, could actually become my reality some day! As I write this right now I certainly have no way of knowing for sure, but I am very eager and excited for the future now! Some people will say that psychics lie and cannot be trusted. Me, I say it's all a matter of belief, and I do believe it. If that were to be my future, I could not think of any other way but to say Thank You! There's a song called "All I Can Do (Thank You)" by MikeChair that expresses just how I feel. You are too good to me God. I've read Erin's response to me what's got to be almost 20 times now. I hope and believe that that is my future. A future where I will be able to use all my hard work to help people in meaningful ways, give unconditional love to others, grow as a person, live an adventurous life- one that I can't even fathom right now - and let the love of God be seen through me. All I can do, is to really say, Thank You. For everything that you do. What else can I say but, Thank you!

I am counting on the Lord; yes, I am counting on Him. I have put my hope in His word. 
Psalm 130:5

An Art Work I Truly Appreciate and Will Remember

In recent past weeks, with the exception of last week, I have been volunteering two hours every Saturday at a Sub-Acute Skilled Nursing Facility. There I visit patients that are chronically ill. Some of them are in real unfortunate positions in their lives where it's hard to see life improving for them. What I and other Tzu Chi volunteers do is to go there and to try to put a smile on their faces with our presence and compassion for them. It's really nothing miraculous or life-changing, but to be able to make them feel loved and cared for, for even a fraction of their day, counts and makes a difference. I wish I could heal them or be a conduit of some type to help heal them - I'm recalling an individual known as John of God who I've heard and read is doing wonderful healing work in Brazil. And from visiting these patients, I have learned and grown in ways that you cannot truly develop without witnessing the difficult situations some of these people are in. I've thought even more about my life, in terms of making sure how I want to live it, is how I want to live it. I don't mean to sound preachy, but helping others in need and making a positive difference in someone's life is such a cornerstone to living a meaningful life. 

The reason I'm writing this is because I want to post a picture of one of the mementos that a patient at the skilled nursing facility gave me. It represents and serves as a reminder of having compassion for others, for living a life with meaning, making a difference, and giving to others. I will not and cannot state the patient's name, but his art work has been touching, inspiring, and will always serve as a reminder to me to do my best to love others unconditionally. I know I will be looking back on his picture that he made for me and my family in the future, and in that moment, I will understand that this has been one of the many things in my life that has driven me towards my life's mission, to make a positive, memorable difference in the lives of others.

Remember, No Man Is An Island.