Monday, May 25, 2015

What I Hope the Rest of My 20's and Early 30's Will be Like

It hit me that I'm going to be 23 soon. In the drudgery of a life I'm not terribly enjoying right now, I'm dreaming of a life so different.

I want to travel to far flung, exotic places of the world filled with beauty for my own exploration and curiosity.

I want to travel to beautiful areas of the world to challenge myself and improve on a craft while immersing myself in the wonder around me.

I want to travel to places to learn about esoteric knowledge that most other people don't know about, but have been pondering about since the dawn of humanity.

I want to travel to places that need help, so I can make a positive difference in their lives.

That's why I want to travel, that's why I want adventure. Adventure for me cannot all be about myself. There has to be a greater goal that is for the good of our world. A trip here and there to enjoy and challenge myself, of course. But a journey is not a true adventure to me unless there is a greater good I'm striving for.