Thursday, October 22, 2015

Create the Future You Want By

I once read from Erin Pavlina's blog that you can't have what you can't hold. Prayer that focuses on wanting something we currently perceive as a lack, only emphasizes to the universe and our higher selves, that we lack what we want. According to Erin and other spiritual teachers such as Bashar, the quickest way to get from point A to point B, is to know that we are powerful beings in the sense that we select which parallel reality we exist in in every moment. Every moment! Every moment, we are shifting into reality after reality, and we choose every second of our lives, what reality we select into our consciousness. Once we select ourselves into another reality, we may not perceive it as shifting into a different reality because the differences are so minute and we do not notice. Bashar states that we can select which realtiy we want to be in! We can choose to shift into the reality that we want, or not! Both exist! We are shifting into realities every second countless times, and we CAN CHOOSE! You do not need to learn how to shift, as we shift ALL THE TIME, every second, according to Bashar. Those familiar with the work of Dolores Cannon understand this concept as well. The concept that we create a new reality/parallel reality every time we make a decision, no matter how small or insignificant of a decision we perceive it to be!

So to get from where we are now, to where we want to be, is not to focus on the idea that we do not have it. We focus on emotions, visualizations, and live in the imagination and day dream of what if FEELS like to already be there! When we do this, not only do we use the law of attraction, but we are guaranteed to get to point B the fastest and surest path possible! Bashar says to never make detailed plans for the future beyond a general plan or sketch, for our conscious minds are not capable to lead us efficiently, but when we feel that what we want is already here, ie through day dreams, visualizations, and feeling those desires, we are shifting into that reality at that moment! The concept of all of time existing simultaneously is not something new to not only metaphysical and spiritual teachers, but also to many scientists, including Einstein who is in fact the originator of the idea of time being an Illusion.

"BRIAN GREENE: And this fusion of space and time would lead Einstein to perhaps the most mind-bending realization of all: the sharp difference we see between past, present and future may only be an illusion."

If time is all existing right NOW, then it wouldn't be unreasonable to believe that we can tune into time in the "future", as it is not really in the future, but it is all happening in the present moment.

We can now see why so many self-improvement gurus and spiritual teachers, especially Bashar, teaches us to follow our passion - whatever we are inspired by to do moment to moment <--

Passion translates to motivation and desire, burning desire. You naturally day dream about what you love to do. You naturally visualize what you want to succeed at, thus "attracting what you want" and shifting into that reality at that moment. Most often times, it seems like our conscious minds get in the way of where we want to get to. Because we believe we have to figure out all the steps we need to take to get there, something the conscious mind does. But as Bashar states, when you let go of the need to know everything of how you will get there, you will focus on the emotions of what it is like to already hold what you want, and that will inspire you to take the step led from inspiration, that the universe in all it's perfect synchroncity and alignment is leading you to take, and you will get there, because the universe is showing the way...


Also check out this link from Erin Pavlina on "Manifesting That Which You Desire"  <--

Waking Universe with Darryl Anka & Bashar

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Great Spiritual Insights From "Beyond Our Sight"

The Following gems of Wisdom and Insight are from a documentary called "Beyond Our Sight"  by Anthony Chene

"The very first experience I had, in my first near-death experience, when I left the automobile, was exactly the, -what I call almost a human desire to reach those that I loved and who loved me and let them know that yes, I had just left the body, but I was in such peace and grace and light and love that they should have no anxiety about where I am. They can have human sadness that i've left that form, and they should have no sadness about where I am. That was the very first thing I wished I could communicate to them."

"I now know, or believe based on my own experience, that there is much that we cannot see but we can feel. So when I hear things like the string theory and others and quantum physics, all of it are examples of science beginning to understand and to explain what until now has never been able to be explained."

"And physics says we have 7 levels in string theory and 1 more level in M-theory for a total of 11 dimensions. Those 8 extra dimensions which we have not discerned are the dark energy, the 96% of the universe that we cannot yet even detect but we know mathematically that it's there from our astronomy. We know that the dark energy and the dark matter exist and make up 96% of the universe, which we don't yet see. There's a lot of room for a lot of afterlife and a lot of different levels out there. But the materialist scientists, who only want 3D, they won't look at it. They won't even – “No, it's a bunch of baloney.” They don't even look. They just say, “No good. Impossible. I'm not even going to look at it.” Well how do they know it's impossible? They see 4% of the universe, and the rest of it's impossible. That's ridiculous. We have to remember that it's not in our 4%. We can't know it all yet, but we're now at a point where we are making beachheads on a new territory, those other dimensions... They still have their careers. They're still worried about everyone else thinking they're crazy. So they are careful about saying things, and I understand that, but more of them should have a little more courage and say, 'I don't know everything. I'm going to look instead of saying it's impossible.' They should look."

"Most scientists tend to be pretty smart, and the smarter you are, the easier it is to fall in love with a theory, and theories are explanations. They make us feel comfortable in the world, so if you spend your entire adult life learning about a certain description of the way that the world works, you begin to be comfortable with that, and after a while, you begin to see the world in those terms. I happen to have a lot of friends who are theorists who can only see the world through their theory. So it is that combined also with a certain social taboo about what you're allowed to talk about in science and what you are not."

"I think when you are a scientist working on the edge of the known, if you really require certainty to feel comfortable, you're in the wrong business, because most of the time, you begin to recognize, when you're studying over the edge of what is know, nobody knows what's going on."

"My experience in the light enabled me to feel a deeper sense of spirituality less defined by any one religion or another. So all religions, in my opinion and experience, have true spirituality at the core, and all religions, to different degrees and in different ways, are guilty of a form of righteousness that has the details of their description be perceived of as the correct ones and the others the wrong ones. So the more we come together as one and realize the common goals that we have and listen to each others' spirituality and whatever we believe, actually, we will start to learn that, at the core, we are all feeling and believing mostly the same things, and the details that are different aren't actually so important that they deserve killing one another over them."

"There's a huge change in human consciousness now compared to the past, and continues to change. And now that we are beginning to talk more openly about it, then we are better able to hear and understand and believe other people's experiences and talk more ourselves about it. And that change is happening very quickly."

"I tell my clients that I can predict, but I cant make it happen. So when you come to me for a reading I give you a snapshot of what I see as a possibility. It's up to the client to create it. We project our own energy. Have you ever had a day that just started out to be the absolute worst day and mood and it just progressed throughout the entire day? That's because your energy is progressing negativity... you state what you want your day to be."

"There are only two ways, fear and love, nothing else. The rest doesn't exist, and fear is false. We use it, 'False Evidence Appearing Real.' That's what fear is. It's not real."