A Reminder To Myself For the Purpose of This Blog

The blogs you write should not be an impetus to living your life and going for your dreams. Just write as you go when you have time and after for those goals you accomplished and want to share. The blog is to help you share yourself and understand yourself better with the people in your life. Do not expect this blog to be your main source of connection with others, even being the introvert you are. You need other people in your life. The goals you are going for, don't let this blog thwart you cuz then you just fall into a trap of perfection, as you learned in Brian Kim's self-discipline subscription. You can't document everything important in your life as there will always be times where there will be things you will want to write about but won't due to time or another reason. It doesnt need to be perfect but use this blog as a tool to help you progress and develop. What is the true need that is being filled by this idea of having a perfect blog to showcase who you are? Live your life, be confident in the fact that every moment in your life exists outside of space and time, that what you don't document due to whatever reason is not lost and purposeless just cuz you didn't write about it. You are perfect the way you are. Whatever needs to happen is happening right now. Abundance. Everything that I need in this moment in life, I already have. I can walk away from all this, anything, at any time, and feel whole, and at one with the universe. Remember this Michael, you are already complete without needing to write about everything. Just a few things to take away from this rant, and that is abundance, wholeness, and at one with the universe. Your life is exactly at where it needs to be right now, no matter what or where your life is at. Remember that.

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