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The following are all links to how science is merging with spirituality. It really is a journey in it of itself in understanding and seeing the connections between these independent fields of science with that of Dolores Cannon's work. I cannot do all the work to put connections into people's heads without people exploring into this fervently themselves. There is actually A LOT of information out there as long as you don't shut yourself out by refusing to accept the possibilities. If this topic interests you, use these links as a stepping stone to explore into this topic for yourself. What I have done here is similar to a museum. You don't go to a museum to learn everything. You go to a museum to discover something in an area of science you never knew about, have interest in, to unlock that inner-curiosity we all have, and to ponder, to explore, to learn, and to share with, after leaving the museum. Keep an open-mind, notice the similarities, and have a great journey into a subject that has entranced the minds of humans and our ancestors, for all of time.

My Posts:
My Unexpected Journey Into The Work of Dolores Cannon
The Illusion of Time: Past, Present, and Future All Exist Simultaneously
Is Reality an Illusion?
The Consciousness of Our Cells & "You Make Yourself Sick"
The Power of Our Thoughts & The Scientific Experiments Backing This Up
Parallel Worlds & Parallel Lives

Other Websites Explaining the Evidence for Spirituality & the Afterlife: : Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
      - : NDE Bookstore : Afterlife Evidence: Lawyer Victor Zammit on the scientific proof for Life after Death --> includes a list of other websites with a mountain of afterlife evidence
      - : The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death : Spiritual Development and Evidence : Discover the Secret Mathematical Formula that Explains Everything: Memory is Awareness of Another Dimension : with Bob Olson: Searching For Evidence of Life After Death : Carol Bowman's Past Life Forum: Community Reflections on Past Lives and Reincarnation : Blog talking about science and spirituality : an independent news blog for people interested in natural health, living with awareness and elevating their consciousness : A website dedicated to the research of a variety of scientific and spiritual disciplines

Dolores Cannon's Website and Resources:

Interesting Metaphysical Websites:

Individuals to Study From (Including But Not Limited To):
Bruce Lipton, Tom Campbell, Gregg Braden, Dean Radin, Stuart Hameroff, Peter Russell


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