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The Characteristic of Great Leadership and Active Cooperation

Nursing Assignment that I really like my response to:
Two articles to read:

Davidhizar,R. and Cramer, C (2000). Gender Differences in Leadership in Health Professions. Health Care Manager 18(3),18-24.


Valentine,P.E.B. (2001). A Gender Perspective on Conflict Management Strategies of Nurses. Journal of Nursing Scholarship 33:1,69-74

Now Please read an comment relative to:
1. Understanding article
2. Agree/disagree
3. Experience in nursing or other profession
4. Supplement with additional reading for your benefit in coming to understand yourself as a leader.
5. How has N321 changed or enhanced your understanding of Leadership...related to you!
You may comment in bullet form or narrative. I am interested in the content of your comment.
Thank you Dr Lg Hope Semester Break is safe and fun! I attached app of the Poster I am presenting in Montreal, Canada at 19th International Palliative Care Congress.            


My Response:

Women such as Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth Seton, and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross were all caregivers and leaders who have left a positive impact in health care. These women had to overcome the barriers and stereotypes that persisted about women and their leadership capabilities in a field of male doctors and scientists. Nightingale’s principles of infection control such as hand washing and proper nutrition are still the foundation of treating diseases and staying healthy today. The fact is, men tend to be task-oriented leaders while women tend to lead by engaging in behaviors that demonstrate agreement with others and sociability. Women tend to lead through transformational leadership that leads by establishing relationships based on trust and confidence which serve as role models for other staff members to emulate, while men tend to lead through the traditional model of authority and organized hierarchy or transactional leadership. Again, not all men do, but women tend to lead with transformational leadership rather than hierarchal leadership. Researchers are actually finding that leadership effectiveness is strongly correlated with transformational leadership. What this means is that to be a leader, we must not just lead by example, we must also be friendly, pleasant, interested in others, expressive, and socially sensitive as these attributes will help build trust and confidence in relationships. Men do tend to lead through the transactional type leadership where the results are only somewhat effective and at times, actually hinder effectiveness. The reason for this is due to how and where our society holds the bar for how men should behave. Because our society feels that men should be direct and gung ho or have a- get things done no matter what regardless of how it’s done- type of manner, men are less naturally inclined to behave socially sensitive, expressive, agreeable, and focus less on building trust in relationships than compared to that of women because of unfortunate societal pressures. Regardless, everyone should learn to lead with what is most effective. I do not think we should categorize the style men tend to lead as men’s category and women’s style as women’s category. That type of divisive and disparate dissection only leads to trouble and fosters a me vs. you attitude when all along, the most effective method of leadership is to do the exact opposite! And that is to build trust and confidence in relationships to foster growth and healthy cooperation. Cooperation and meeting the needs of all in society is what humanity as a whole needs to focus on. You can certainly say that it is men’s style vs. women’s style and that is an acceptable perspective. But that’s exactly it. These perspectives are all correct. It’s not that these perspectives are not accurate descriptions; however, if they are all truths, are you going to follow the perspective that is going to benefit you, or are you going to support the divisive perspective just to attempt to stroke your own ego? For me, I think the answer is clear.   

<-- A Research Study called How Gender Disparities Drive Imbalances in Health Care Leadership

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People remember 10%, 20%...Oh Really?


Arthur- It's Only Rock & Roll Movie

Yesterday night, after finishing my Client Case Study, I relaxed by watching my one of my favorite shows as a kid. It's PBS' Arthur. It's a show made for kids but from the comments, I ascertain from the comments and my own love for this show that many people over 15, 16 and people even in their 20's still occasionally watching Arthur- like me. I just got to say that I rewatched the Arthur movie, It's Only Rock and Roll, and felt a love for the simple yet catchy lyrics of "Nothing But the Music" that completely obliterates the sex, money, and alcohol focused songs these days. This is my own personal opinion so there will be people that will break out laughing when I state this but I would listen to "Nothing But the Music" any day over the vast amount of womanizing and feminizing crap that is on the air by our modern day music artists. Arthur is a show that I love and with my 2 TB external hard drive, I have the space for it if I want to download the Arthur episodes that are on YouTube currently just because I love the feelings of nostalgia, the entertainment of the show, and the positive messages the show promotes. From my past history, I know I will be revisiting my favorite shows within time. That's what nostalgia is and we human beings love that feeling.

                                                     Arthur- It's Only Rock and Roll Movie

Clip of Nothing But the Music Version 1

arthur- don't want nothing but the music alone version.wmv

Arthur Nothing But the Music

arthur nothin' but the music lyrics.wmv (w/ the Backstreet Boys)

Download DC Videos to Laptop, Who's Afraid of a Big Black Hole, & The Holographic Universe Book by Michael Talbot

This past Thursday, November 22nd, 2012, or early Friday, the 23rd, in the early morning hours, I came back after watching the movie, Skyfall, with my friend Alexander. On my laptop, I decided to do a YouTube search of "the holographic universe michael talbot" to see what interesting videos it may yield. The night before, Wednesday, November 21st, around 11:43 PM, I had begun to use VDownloader and proceeded to downloaded interesting Dolores Cannon YouTube videos to my laptop. After downloading DC Videos, I proceeded to download another documentary I just began to watch that night. It was relevant to helping me understand what I've been learning about black holes so half way through watching the documentary, I downloaded it. This documentary is BBC's Who's Afraid of A Big Black Hole. Black Friday was coming up, and wanting to get an external hard drive to backup my computer, I felt the urge to keep an extra copy of these things- the new age science that I am being introduced to ever so quickly by serendipitous chance.

I clicked on the first result, the video titled, Michael Talbot - Part 1 Complete- Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe - Thinking Allowed


Not sure of which video to begin watching and already feeling overwhelmed with the amount of material related to this new age science of merging science with spirituality, I decided to look for a pdf file of Michael Talbot's 1991 book, The Holographic Universe.

Here are the links I found through Google:


Ebook downloaded, according to the properties of the pdf file, at 1:22 AM of Friday (Black Friday) November 23rd, 2012. Looks to be a very interesting read that will help me link all the more connections of the new age science together but as of now, finals are coming up so the detailed reading of this ebook will have to wait until winter break.      

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday

It has taken me all of today- Black Friday- to purchase a Toshiba 2 TB external hard drive, play around with it, troubleshoot without asking my dad for help, and finally, feel relatively confident that I have successfully back-upped the important stuff on my laptop that would be emotionally painful if my laptop was no longer accessible and had not been back-upped. Mentally tiring to take such long times to backup my files only to have the program tell me at the end that the backup was not successful. Absolutely mentally draining. Here I am, other bodily needs ignored until I finishing the backup for good. I absolutely feel stressed that there is definitely a part of me that just wants to say, "Fuck this technological-crap!" Maybe even multiple exclamation marks to that exclamatory remark! Uuuhhh, I want to fucking relax now. 

Oh on a more positive note though, my brother bought some supposedly nice clothes online. I say supposedly because I was not involved in the decision of purchasing clothes for Black Friday. He has good taste though so it should be no problem at all. It's nice to see how as I transition from adolescent in high school and not really caring about fashion to now in college, paying more attention to looking good fashion-wise. Body-wise and physically, of course, I still pay attention to that as I am currently at the end of my third day cutting back down now. I am doing in right again as my dad came back from Taiwan on this past Tuesday and he needs to lose weight for sure. For my first three days, I am eating majority-wise healthy and eating less or about my level of satiety, so not too full but just right to maintain my body weight or less. I am not counting calories yet. Perhaps I should start counting calories on my high days. On low days, perhaps depending on my will power and desire, eat little to no food. Six pack and an even more slimmer, more slender, and yet still muscular and toned body? We shall see.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dolores Cannon's Blog Post: "Past Life Regression: My First Steps"

Dolores Cannon's Blog homepage:

Apparently, this is her official YouTube account:


Posted on October 18, 2012 by Dolores Cannon

Past Life Regression seems like a simple concept and it is. In my decades of research and work using a unique hypnotherapy technique to dive deep beneath the conscious mind into the infinite subconscious, I have not only uncovered many forgotten lives of my subjects, but tapped the endless wisdom of their spirits in between lives as well.

Five Lives Remembered was actually the first book Dolores ever wrote, despite only being first published in 2009

Back in the 1960’s, when I first delved into the world of Past Life Regression, the popular hypnotherapy technique of the day used long induction methods and tests to determine the depth of the trance. I did not like this cumbersome type of regression, even though in the beginning I was an observer holding the microphone for the entranced subject, making numerous notes during the sessions that would later prove invaluable.

But if it hadn’t been for my innocent and na├»ve first steps I would have never sought out the path that has led to literally thousands of journeys into the unknown. Without the strange and unusual events that occurred in my life in 1968, I would probably be a “normal” housewife and grandmother, and none of these adventures would have been recorded. Such are the laws of chance, and…coincidence? I think not. It was meant to be.

In 1979, I began to write my first book Five Lives Remembered, by painstakingly transcribing the tapes from the first Past Life Regressions my late husband Johnny and I recorded in 1968. This immediately renewed my interest in reincarnation, even though Johnny decided not to pursue it further. Since I wanted to continue the work, I had to devise a method that would be easier and faster for me as well as my subjects.

I found that a quicker induction could be obtained by using visualization techniques. Using my new method, I became a regressionist. This is a term for a hypnotist who specializes in Past Life Regressions, past life therapy, and reincarnation research.

We are never given more than we can handle. The information I first discovered in 1968 was startling in the extreme. Yet what has been revealed through my work in the ensuing years has been even more complex. I could have never handled it all in the beginning.

Thus it appears that knowledge must be revealed slowly and subtly, in order for it to be accepted and not be overwhelming. Each stage of my work has caused further expansion. In the big picture, every piece of knowledge obtained is essential and necessary.

What I discovered in 1968 now seems rather simple and rudimentary to me. Yet it was part of a process to get me to the stage where I am now…and beyond. I hope it will ever be so, as I continue to grow and explore the unknown, and take my readers with me.

Dolores Cannon

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

General Sequence In Order of What I Found That Led Me From One Field of New-Age Science to the Next

A general guide of the sequence of discoveries- related to new-age science that is merging science with spirituality- that I found (What I discovered first, second, third, and so on):

Dolores Cannon's stuff<-- found some time freshman year of college (what David told me; David introduced Dolores Cannon to me) I remember sitting on the sofa in the living room with the main computer as David showed my mom and I a Dolores Cannon YouTube video of an interview she had done.
Here's the video actually. It's called:

                                      Project Camelot: Dolores Cannon - Convoluted Universe

Uploaded by jagbodhi on May 3, 2010

If you look at my YouTube favorites, you'll see that I just added this video to my favorites and Dolores Cannon video Playlist. I may have added this video previously to my favorites but I may not have- I'm wondering why I may not have added this video to my favorites because I remember being very intrigued after David showed us this video. I jsut wanted to clarify for looking back at this post some time from now, that I did not find and watch this video for the very first time today. This video, I saw back in freshman year of college and is the very first introduction I had into Dolores' work after David told me about her while going on our walk with Lucky at night.

This past summer (summer before junior year of college): Fingerprints of the Gods and other books written by speakers on Ancient Aliens

After-Life documentary, a couple books from people from the afterlife documentary (Both of these were before the incident happened)

Dr. Bruce Lipton's stuff- Bruce Lipton's YouTube video of the biology of perception along with Rob Williams's part 2 called The Psychology of Change, googled BL and found his website, found archive.org and listened to the three Coast to Coast AM interviews (later on found Spontaneous Evolution C2C AM interview), google searched and found BL's book, The Biology of Belief, google searched and found The Wisdom of Your Cells audio, google searched and found Spontaneous Evolution audio-book

NOVA Fabric of the Cosmos Series and book by Brian Greene, The Fabric of the Cosmos Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality

Google searched: black holes holographic principle.Found articles talking about how our universe may be something like a hologram and eventually found the 5 part series of The Holographic Universe with Stephen Davis. Downloaded the 5 parts and downloaded his free ebook, Butterflies are Free to Fly.

Another Quantum Mechanics related science documentary, The Quantum Universe.

I was in John George's "break room" and saw a book called, Physics of the Soul, and recognized the name, Dr. Amit Goswami, from The Holographic Universe. Went home, google searched for Mr. Goswami's material and found "Quantum Mechanics- Dr. Amit Goswami", a pdf version of his QM textbook, the Quantum Activist documentary, and C2C AM Quantum Thinking. Could not find torrent or download for Physics of the Soul, The Self-Aware Universe, or any of his other published books however. Finding his "textbook" to be difficult to understand, I google searched to find the recommendation for QM books that were for beginners. I downloaded a torrent in the folder called, Quantum Mechanics, with many books in pdf version that are about QM.

Finished typing BL C2C AM Interview Transcript and during the typing, heard Art Bell ask BL about global consciousness and thought experiments being done at Princeton and how on September 11, 2002, the winning number that night was 911. This reminded me of a Through the Wormhole episode called Is Their a Sixth Sense? This prompted me to want to download the episode with VDownloader computer program and soon download the current seasons: 1, 2, and 3.

Downloaded and watched What the Bleep do We Know documentary after wondering where Stephen Davis got the clips of Captain Quantum in The Holographic Universe and seeing related clip videos of Captain Quantum of YouTube. Felt that What the Bleep Do We Know was confusing and found websites online that listed the flaws of the documentary.

Downloaded the September 2008 C2C AM episodes as I found a torrent for it.

Downloaded the complete 1, 2, and 3, seasons of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.

I also have been downloading interesting Bruce Lipton & Quantum Mechanics YouTube Videos that I viewed and felt were worthy for keeping and viewing again in the future as it may help me understand about QM or something Bruce Lipton (BL) said.

11/22- found DC's blog, her YouTube channel, and am downloading interesting YouTube videos related to DC. I also found another science documentary that was on the side bar of other related videos called, Who's Afraid of a Big Black Hole. I am currently just a few minutes in to watching it.
* I will be consistently updating this list when I find something new that I feel is worthy of documenting.

For further idea of where to pick up on, look on this blog's posts in chronological order as well as all the stuff you have that is organized on your laptop- which are the same things that are back-upped in the external hard drive.

Interesting Things to Note from NOVA | The Fabric of the Cosmos: Illusion of Time

This word document created on Friday; October 5, 2012 (8:09 PM)

1.      Lying just beneath everyday reality is a breath taking world where much of what we perceive about the universe is wrong. (0 to 9 sec of intro)
2.      The 3d world is merely a mirage (intro of show)
3.      But time is not what it seems. There may be no distinction between the past, present, and future (intro)
4.      Discoveries over the last century have shown that much of what we think about time may be nothing more than an illusion. Contrary to everyday experience, time may not flow at all. Our past may not be gone, our future may already exist. Time itself can speed up or slow down. Events we think can only unfold in one direction can also unfold in reverse. (2:45)
5.      Use of day and night for time (sundial), to full rotation of earth around the sun, pendulum, to vibration of a quartz crystal (looking for a repetitious cycle), to use of vibration of atoms to use as a clock (vibration of a cesium atom). Clocks can tell us what time it is but what time is.  
6.      What time is exactly is unclear but the passage of time is very familiar to us.
7.      Rise of train travel led to startling discoveries about time: each town had their own time and trains would carry time of the city where the train started. Need for synchronized clocks arose. Time for Issac Newton ticks at the same rate for everyone. As sensible as it may seem, Einstein found that time could run at different rates. Time for me may not be the same as time for you. Time is experienced individually. No universal tick tock. There were times. Einstein found the link between the motion through space and the passage of time. The more you have of one, the less you have of the other. Time and space is linked in much the same way that north and west are. When you are still and not moving through space, all of your passage is through time, but as soon as you start moving through space, some of that previous passage through time has to be diverted and shared with your motion through space resulting in a slower passage through time. Time itself is moving slower for the person that is moving.
8.      At the slow speeds that we move here on earth, motion’s impact on time is too tiny for us to experience it. The effect is real though and can be measured with the use of two atomic clocks and a jet airplane. This experiment carried out in 1971.
9.      Space and time can no longer be considered separate things. Space-time
10.  This idea of space-time led Einstein to realize that this sharp difference we see between past, present, and future may only be an illusion. In our day to day lives we experience time as a continuous flow but it may also be helpful to think of time as a series of snapshots. It is the unfolding of moment, after moment, after moment. Imagine all snapshots lined up. Every moment here on earth as snapshots lined up.  Think of all the snapshots that ever happened and will happen as a loaf of bread. My moment of now may seem to include a cat jumping off the couch, the clock ticking exactly at 12 PM, a pigeon taking off, and a meteor striking the moon. But Einstein said that this now slice would be cut a different angle should we be moving through space. Because motion affects the passage of time, someone who is moving will have a different conception of their “now slice” because it would be cut at a different angle.
11.  Even if the movement is considered slow, because of the vast differences in space, our conception of now can vary by massive amounts in time.  The direction makes a difference too. If the alien is biking towards earth the angle will be angled towards the future. “Once we know that your now can be what I consider the past or your now can be what I consider to be the future, and your now is every bit as valid and my now, then we learn that the past must be real, the future must be real, they could be your now. That means past, present, and future are all equally real. They all exist.” There is just as much reality to the past as there is to this present moment. Just as we think of all of space being out there, we should think of all of time being out there. All that has happened and all that will happen, it all exists. This realization convinced Einstein that the distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion, however persistent. There is nothing in the laws of physics that picks out one now over another now. It is just our own subjective experience that it feels like things are changing. 
12.   The arrow of time. This is not true with space- we can go back and forth. What can’t time do this? Why don’t we see things flow in reverse order? There is nothing in the laws of physics, that states that events have to flow through what we call “forward” in time. Most equations work equally well for moving forward and backward in time. No arrow of time attached to these equations. Contradiction between physics that seems reversible and so much of our lives that seems irreversible. What’s responsible for the arrow of time?
13.  Entropy. The arrow of time seems to come from the tendency of nature to move towards disorder. “a measure of disorder tends to increase with the passage of time and that propulsion seems to create an arc of time” One problem with this reasoning though. Because the laws of physics don’t distinguish between the future and the past, entropy should increase towards the future but also the past, and that makes no sense. “that’s like saying entropy should increase in either direction that we look. We should look backwards in time and it should increase. “We should look forward in time and it should increase.” The big bang set the arrow of time on its path. Universe started out in a very ordered state and is ultimately responsible for the fact that time seems to have a direction.
14.   Because the expansion of our universe is accelerating, in the far future, after 100 billion years or so, all of the other distant galaxies will have hurdled out of sight from us. It will appear as if our galaxy were in the middle of nothing. Light from distant galaxies have to travel so far to reach us that when we look out at them, we actually are looking back in time. So in the far future where the distant galaxies are no longer visible, astronomers will find the past, in cosmic terms is out of reach. And as for the end of time, one theory says that black holes will eventually dominate the cosmos. Then they too will evaporate leaving nothing but random particles drifting through space. “In the far future where everything has decayed and there is no change, there will be clear notion of the past or the passage of time.” “if you don’t have events happening, then it’s hard to see how you would even imagine that there was time.” “you can’t even tell which direction of time is forward or backwards. In a very real sense, time one day will lose its meaningless.”
15.  “In comparing our everyday experience of time with the true nature of time, we’ve been forced to challenge some of our most deeply held beliefs. We now know that for every event that goes from order to disorder, there’s a link to the big bang itself, giving us the arrow of time. The common sense notion that one true time governs the universe has given way to a picture in which time is different for each and every one of us, and the flow of time, which seems to us as real as the flow of a river, may be nothing more than an illusion. Past, present, and future may all exist on equal footings. Our everyday experience of time will always exert a powerful influence. We will continue to imagine that time is universal, that the past is gone, that the future is yet to be, but because of our scientific discoveries, we can also look beyond experience and recognize that we are part of a far richer and stranger reality.”    

Key Points:

-          There is no distinction between the past, present, and future. They all exist and there is no precedence for one moment in time over another.

-          There is no one, universal time that governs the lives of all of us. We all have our own slices of now. Each and every one of us experience time separately because motion slows the passage of time and although with the speeds humans can achieve, this effect is not noticeable, it is real and over vast distances in space, motion through space can have a vast impact in time and gives us our own individual now slices.

-          There seems to be an arrow of time in our lives that results from an increase in entropy that started since the big bang, even though no laws in physics says that events cannot unfold in reverse order.

Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Be Self-Disciplined For Things You Don't Instinctively Want To Do

My Advice for Self-Discipline When it Comes to Doing Things You Have Less Than a Moderately-Strong Desire Towards:

It may not be something you really want or prefer to do but when you have no other options or things to distract yourself with, you will come about to doing it.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Only Three Things Needed to Accentuate Learning? Other Study Techniques That I've Noticed

For the gazillionth time, I was wondering how I could make better use of my time studying my nursing material. And so, I asked myself, if I were reading, say, The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, how would I mine this book and get as much as I could out of it? We only retain about 10% of what we read, so how can I retain more? As I imagine, here’s how I would do it. Read the book based on understanding the content and not just speeding through; I would immerse myself in the content. Highlight the important parts, think through important parts of the book to ensure that I understand it and link together the parts of how ideas are related chronologically. For this last part, an example would be, if I were to talk about the topic with someone, what, how, and where would I start out with? To transfer this authentic learning process to my nursing curriculum, here's what I deduce from the process I naturally undertake when I read and want to learn something.

The Only Three Things that You Need to Accentuate Learning:

-Ask a question in everything that you read. This will help you find content that you have to do, more interesting, naturally. When you act because you find the material interesting, all the steps necessary to learn will manifest and be executed naturally.     

-Accept the fact that it will take time to think things through.

-Deduce the main points from each Power Point slide, article, book, or whatever, in an outline form- you can be as messy as you'd like- and then organize the outline by mind-mapping the already more watered-down jumble of extra information. Obviously for the mind-map, it should be relatively neat and organized; however, make sure you don't turn this into a neat freak obsession. It's not supposed to be a work of art, but an effective tool to help you learn. This way you are not just getting rid of excess information once, but twice, therefore making the information at the end, the only necessary parts needed for your learning- especially if the material you are watering-down is not something you have a genuine interest in.       

Well, these are the insight I reached by myself from thinking over the process of how I naturally learn when I indulge myself in a topic that I have genuine curiosity in. I'll be using these techniques and testing to see what kind of learning results I get.  

-write notes of Main Take-Aways (MTA's) of professor's powerpoints and study some everyday through reading, self-quizzing, and listening to the topic with voice recorder when you are relaxing to help your subconscious absorb the information in naturally. The powerpoint already trims out the excess information in textbooks and writing down the MTA's again trim out even more of the excess that made through first inspection.

-when you are on Caltrain or have free time, listen to class recordings of lectures like you did for C2C AM Interviews of Dr. Bruce Lipton

-use of mnemonics to help memorize lists of information such as a list of typical and atypical antipsychotics

Where to Pick Up Again

I just don't want to focus on both. As much as I love reading, listening to, watching, and learning about the new age science, I find myself very much disliking staying inside all day. I love to go out, just not to crowded or continuously loud places. I also enjoy having time to relax along with the main chunk of things I have to do for nursing school. Why don't I want to pursue this new-age science in my free time? Well because the amount of free time I will have will vary week by week and will be cut down next semester, Junior Two, more than likely. I do not like having some time to read into a book, in place of relaxing and de-stressing- yes unfortunately reading and learning about the new-age science can take a good amount of effort, energy, and focus- only to not be able to pick it up again for another few days, which at that point, I will feel a relatively lost and behind, and end up having to remind myself of what I read and remember prior to those days I missed. When I want to understand something, I want to be able to have a good and consistent amount of time to dedicate it to. This isn't just like watching a Family Guy episode for fun and later on watching another episode when I have the time. My understanding from one day needs to be carried over when I next pick it up the next time, and if that time is too little or too inconsistent, I very much dislike putting in that effort, only to have diminished results in understanding and learning.

All in all, I will be backing up my laptop this Black Friday so I won't lose all the stuff I have on my laptop, should it break or malfunction. Here's a brief summary I posted my my sticky notes that reminds me of what I have to do and how to pick up where I am leaving off:

Stuff to Backup:
-Stuff downloaded on computer
-Opera bookmarks
-Favorite Music
-Favorite Arthur Episodes on YouTube
-Ancient Aliens Series

Stuff I Would Be Studying (In This Order) If It Were Break and No School:
-finish the transcript for the biology of perception and highlight
-practice psych-K
-Mind-Map past blog posts
-post fabric of the cosmos time notes onto blogger
-watch through the wormhole episode 2
-read fabric of the cosmos
-start reading biology of belief book
       Everyday or almost everyday:
       -Writing about the interesting thoughts I had throughout the day

Thursday, November 15, 2012

To-Do List with Nursing as Top Priority?, Sexual Transmutation, and My Reponse About Vaccines in the Conversation Tab

In regards to my last post, I am willing to consider one last attempt. My last attempt is to set out a definitive to-do list everyday that will, in theory, allow me to make progress in nursing and this new-age science that I am finding in the coincidental year of 2012. There is really a strong desire and almost obsessive need in the back of my mind to learn this unconventional science. I need to use my time effectively. I need to put nursing related work as top priority but with the free time I have, I should take advantage of it rather than just sit there on my bed or couch and relax. Relaxing for a bit is alright, but relaxing can be detrimental to our productivity, motivation, and focus in a hurry.

It's a rather powerful concept that I experienced again today, not for the first time but not commonly experienced either. It's the concept of sexual transmutation from Napoleon Hill. Today I was sitting on the bus with my brother sitting on the other side of the bus due to lack of sitting places. About half way through the ride, this attractive nursing student came onto the bus as well and sat next to my brother on the other side. In all honesty, I was glad she wasn't sitting next to me because I, most likely, would have felt the need to keep the conversation going as a result of anxiety. The position my brother was sitting blocked my view of her as well so in a way, I was glad because by not being able to see her, it took my mind off the anxiety I would be experiencing had there been an open seat next to me and she chosen that spot. My brother continued the conversation well in comparison to how I imagine I might have "performed". Again, this reminds me of the notion that many times, guys will feel the need to perform when around an attractive woman, rather than just being themselves as if they were around a close friend or family member, but I digress. To be honest, there was definitely a part of me where I felt the need to start a conversation with the person next to me, who just by chance had a small dog in their lap, and just took the place of another person, a woman, who exited the bus. This woman boarded the bus with an adorable black and brown Great Dane that had a characteristic, that I best described to my brother later, in a Chinese term and that term would be, Sai Nai. An English translation of Sai Nai, would be best described as, being unnecessarily cute and adorable. The Great Dane, in a standing position on the bus, placed his head on my YMCA bag, which was on my lap, for several seconds and smiling, I decided to softly stroke his nose a couple times as this dog reminded me of a time when Lucky would do the same thing. But, yes, I consciously caught this subconscious need and thought to get some of this attractive girl's attention. I realized this and remembered something I learned from David Wygant, and that was to have an abundance mindset and especially since it was my brother who was conversing with her, I consciously decided and felt that I was going to be more than okay with it. I would not try and interject their conversation for my primal urge to compete. After saying bye and getting off the bus, we headed back up to our apartment and as I took off my nicer clothes, I felt the desire to get back into cutting regiment to lose the fat that covered my muscles. I am not in a bulking or cutting stage as of now and have been in this slight regression stage of limbo for some time now. This limbo stage of eating little when I am here in San Francisco and eating whatever I want back home in San Jose has resulted in losing muscle and losing some fat as well, earlier on. But now, my brother and I have been into this stage and eating habit ever since a few weeks into our Junior One semester. It's been about three months of this eating habit, give or take a few weeks. This is not the same as this past summer where we were both doing the Zig-Zag Diet the right way and saw good progress. As I type this, I remember a friend of mine here at USF telling me that I definitely look skinnier than last semester, as we were in the same clinical group last semester as Sophomore Two's. I gladly told him that I lost around 30 pounds this summer. I was not fat. I was bulking and was at my strongest ever! My most ever for deadlift was four 45 pound plates each side attached to a 45 pound barbell and doing a solid seven or eight reps the first set and five or six reps the second set. In terms of bench press and squats, I was also at my peak strength ever. Squats, I remember, doing three plates of 45's along with a 25 lbs. each side and doing a solid six through eight reps for two heavy sets. Bench, my numbers weren't as impressive when compared to how much I had progressed for deadlift and squats since freshman year of college, but I was still benching with two 45's each side plus a couple tens each side for six through eight reps for two heavy sets. Now, I am nowhere deadlifting or squatting as much but still relatively impressive for the average individual. I am good in terms of "cut-ness" but not great. After seeing my brother converse with this attractive nursing classmate, I walked into the bathroom, looked at my abs, and felt the need for wanting them to be more cut again. I have not had this desire to be cutter for weeks- ever since David and I started this irregular eating style of eating very little to nothing at SF and eating whatever we desire back home. My dad is coming back from Taiwan soon as well so perhaps this is finally the time for David and I to get back into the proper and right way to do the Zig-Zag diet and get even cutter. P.S. After writing the part below what you see here in regards to the conversations tab that I am proud of, I am remembered of the fact that, over the course of it's very inception of Sophomore year in high school all the way to now, I am beginning to see more signals of girls liking me. They are signals such as prolonged eye contact when I am talking, slight touches, overt body positioning from one, continuing the conversation when it could have easily died out, laughs, and eye contact that I catch them looking. Again, I want to be clear that this doesn't happen 24/7 or even once a week or even biweekly. But over the years, along with studying works from dating gurus, I have begun to gradually see for myself the subtle and a few times, overt signals that women have been giving me. Just today, at the Salvation Army, the Meals that Heal program, there is this cute Indonesian girl who has been giving me prolonged eye contact and smile as she walks by me. Why haven't I acted on these signals? Well there are many reasons. One is the fact that I know that I am not as confident as I may portray myself to be. Yes I feel like I have a nice body and a good, amicable personality, have a sense of optimism for my future, I know what I really want in life, and not to sound cocky, but I feel I am developing into a person many girls will desire for, especially when I become a nurse with one and a half / two years of experience, make good money, and can go pursue my other ambitions and hobbies responsibly. Hhmm, it's just an interesting note I wanted to make. I love this feeling right now. That feeling when the logical and profound thoughts just come to you easily, when the words you type just come out right, and your typing is smooth and flawless. I'm in that zone right now and am loving that feeling.       

After taking a nap and after finishing my Individual Critique Paper, I went to go do my Conversations tab for clinical. After finishing my response to the question and a classmate's response, I felt proud of the work I had submitted to the conversations tab. I want to post it here. The part I actually feel of is my response to David's post. In all fairness, it was not so much directed at my brother's response directly but more to the general, overall tone of my the rest of my clinical classmates' posts.


11/15 Conversations on Infectious Disease in our community:

Post a conversation about one of the communicable diseases that can affect your clients in the community (TB, HPV, HIV, Hepatitis, Flu, whooping cough, etc).  What is Notifiable Infectious Disease and why is this important?  What is herd immunity?  What are some of the fears around immunizations that clients may have and how can we provide education to alleviate such fears and increase understanding of importance of immunizations?  Reply to another students post.

My response to the question:

"A notifiable infectious disease is any infectious disease that is required to be reported to the government by law. This is necessary to keep track of the prevalence of diseases nationally and globally. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is in charge as health officials report to the CDC’s National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS). Some more well known diseases that are on the list are anthrax, West Nile virus, Cholera, Dengue fever, Gonorrhea, Leprosy, Hantavirus, Hepatitis,  HIV, pertussis, malaria, tuberculosis, and yellow fever. Herd immunity is a form of immunity manifests when a significant portion of a population has received the vaccination and thus making it difficult for a disease to proliferate because so little people are left susceptible to the disease. This idea of herd immunity is often sufficient to persuade parents who are reluctant to get their children vaccinated. Focusing on the fact that vaccines will help stop the spread of diseases in the community as a whole instead of just one individual can help convince ameliorate those with worries."  

David’s response to the question:

"HIV is certainly one of the many communicable diseases that affects the Tenderloin. Many of the people there are homeless people, and their primary concern is trying to survive. These other commodities to help improve their life status are not their primary concerns. And while they may be poor and have no place to go, that does mean they don't share the same thoughts, concerns, and feelings as everyone else. They still have sexual desires, and condoms definitely are not be guaranteed avenues of protection. Notifiable Infectious Diseases are diseases that must be reported to Local Authority Proper Officers under the Health Protection Regulations 2010. Herd immunity describes a type of immunity that occurs when the vaccination of a portion of the population provides protection to unprotected individuals. I believe most fears of immunizations stem from ignorance. They may not understand how it works, or perhaps, they just fear getting shots. Increased knowledge and experience would help alleviate such fears."

Response from another student who shall remain nameless:

"The most common communicable disease that could affect my clinical site would be the flu. Not everyone has remembered the shot this year, and the fact that you have to get a new one each decreases the likeliness that a client would get one. Although flu is not deadly, if you are immunocomprimised (which elderly can be) it can be a serious illness. My clinical site does offer flu shots from the nurse practitioner though, which is a great way for clients to get access to the shots.

A Notifiable infectious disease is any disease that must be reported to the government so they can monitor it and give appropriate warnings to the public. These include things like, botulism anthrax, cholera, SARS, tuberculosis and many more. The World Health Organization is an organization who monitors and collects current data on infectious diseases. Its important to keep track of these diseases so that we don't have a world wide dangerous epidemic that could kill millions. Constant monitoring will ensure adequate warnings to the public.

In regards to people's fears about immunizations, I think they are hugely misguided and misinformed. It is not smart not to get your child vaccinated, people's fears that it will cause some kind of mental retardation or disease in their child is misinformation. Not that it isn't impossible, but one must weight the risks and benefits with the right information. Without a vaccine, the chance of getting a disease increases and especially with a disease like chicken pox the later you get the disease the worse the symptoms are. Education on vaccines especially at the child-level is important."

Here's the part I am proud of:

My response to the overall tone of the group:
I absolutely agree with your statement that we need increased knowledge to alleviate such fears but maybe we should be the ones to educate ourselves first of the realities of both the positive and negatives of vaccines. There are people who fear receiving immunizations because they are worried about unknown substances in vaccines that can have other detrimental effects. According to naturalnews.com, “In the United States each year, anywhere from an estimated 3,900 to 7,800 infants are poisoned to death, as a direct result, of being vaccinated”. http://www.naturalnews.com/022400.html

“Not only do vaccines not work, they actually cause diseases. According to the same US government Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, there were approximately 1400 serious events from vaccinations for people of all ages, per year, from 1991-1996. Serious events include: permanent disability, hospitalization, and life threatening illnesses. And we can know for sure, due to the low reporting of serious vaccine events, that the actual number of diseases caused by vaccinations is 10 - 100 times this number, meaning vaccines cause 14,000 - 140,000 serious events (diseases) per year. In some cases, such as with the Hepatitis B vaccine given to infants and children, the vaccine causes more harm and injury that the disease of Hepatitis B in infants and children.

Published studies from reputable journals have linked vaccines to causing AIDS, autism, cancer, diabetes, hearing/vision loss, hepatitis B, mumps, measles, polio and rubella.”

Should we as nurses condemn these websites and say that these people are crazy? The fact is, I strongly believe that much of the knowledge we are being taught in nursing school is very much subject to change as we progress into the future and as scientists find more and more information in regards to the medical field. I think as nurses, we should not just go with the flow of what we are taught and realize that our knowledge of the human body is constantly changing in much the same way our medical knowledge 100 years ago was nowhere as advanced as where we are today. Much of what we have previously believed has turned out to be incorrect. We should not assume that just because, in comparison, that we are advanced technologically and scientifically, that our knowledge is the pinnacle of truth. Skepticism of vaccines and many medications with dangerous side effects should be doubted and not taken as an absolute fact to what we nurses learn in school. I am not talking about blind disbelief but to take into account of recent research that is not so mainstream yet that shows otherwise. That is the only way we can take into account all sides of the issue. Should vaccines really be contributing to these other diseases and immune-compromised disorders, we should stay away from them. Drugs and vaccines are products of such huge corporations that exist because of profit! Many large, powerful corporations will, at the expense of a minority, continue to propagate their products for profit. As immoral as that may seem, it is an unfortunate truth. An example of this sad truth can be seen here:

“According to The Washington Post, attorneys working on a class-action lawsuit against Toyota claim that the company has known about issues of unintended acceleration in its vehicles since as early as 2003. The lawyers have reportedly discovered a field report written seven years ago by a technician that outlined an instance of unintended acceleration. The report allegedly called for immediate action due to how dangerous the problem could become and expressed concern about the potential frequency of the issue.

Earlier this year, the federal government hit Toyota with a $16.4 million fine for failing to recall vehicles afflicted by unintended acceleration quickly enough. At the time, it was believed that Toyota had known about the issue for about a month prior to alerting regulators – well beyond the single week that the law gives automakers to notify the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration of potential problems.”

People have their right to be skeptical and as people who will be taking care of the health of others, we need to be aware of both sides of the argument for and against vaccines and allow the individuals to make their own informed decision. We should not promote one over the other unless these claims of causing other serious health issues be scientifically ruled out.                        "

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Last Post For A While?

A storm has been brewing in my mind for some time now. It's a debate of whether I should focus all of my energy on being the best nurse I can be or whether to share that focus and drive with other ambitions. I have recently, actually since the start of what's been going on, been finding interesting scientific perspectives all over the Internet about who we are, the nature of ourselves, and even the nature of reality. To name them, Dr. Bruce Lipton, NOVA's Fabric of the Cosmos, the holographic universe stuff, Quantum Mehanics, and Dr. Amit Goswami's works. All these works have been giving me insight to the potential science behind the work of Dolores Cannon, whose work I was introduced to by my brother some time freshman year of college. The dilemma is however, I have learned from Self-Help Expert, Brian Kim, that I should focus and not diffuse my energy and concentration on multiple fields. If I'm going to do something, I should focus on that one and build my concentration on that in it and itself. From doing a Past Life Regression with Susan Hwang, a Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, on Monday; September 24th, 2012, I have been told by my SC (Subconscious) that a major lesson of this life is to learn to be responsible for the desires and needs of others and not ignore their's for my own needs and desires. My SC also told me that I need to take my nursing career seriously. This blog and the work I perform along with it to write about and document on this blog does take up a good chunk of my energy, time, and concentration. I have heard from Dolores Cannon and recently, Dr. Bruce Lipton that the significance of 2012 is that we are entering a time where science will begin to meet spirituality and our civilization will experience greater consciousness in the form that we will recognize that we are powerful beings and we are ultimately responsible for our lives of what has happened to us and what will happen to us. With what has happened with Lucky recently and the coincidental leaving of a good friend of mine who is heading away to UC Davis, I feel the serendipity of my close friend- who unfortunately has more of a negative mind-set- leaving with this awakening/ discovering of merging between science, spirituality, and responsibility for ourselves, I feel in the back of my mind that this was orchestrated in a way so this was meant to happen around this time. Pure coincidence? There's a part of me in the back of my mind that says, not likely.

I sincerely desire to continue my learning and true understanding of how science is merging with spirituality but my nursing career is something, I'd hate to admit it, but something that will require my full attention and concentration right now. And when I say now, I mean for the rest of the duration while I am in nursing school. Trying to balance both my academics and the learning of the merging of science and spirituality is causing me much stress. I feel like I can focus on neither very well. Unfortunately, I feel I may have to leave the posting of this blog and my other pursuits for another time. Perhaps not until after I graduate nursing school unfortunately. I am almost done with my Junior One semester. I am pretty much past the two-thirds point of the semester. It's almost Thanksgiving break and Finals are coming up soon. As I write this, I'm playing the main theme for The Dark Knight Rises. Like the Dark Knight, I may be hanging up my cape and be leaving from this bat cave of mine for some time. I don't know when I will be back here again. It's not an easy choice but I feel my concentration on my nursing career is something that is coming from my SC and the inability for me to focus on my ambitions and my nursing school at the same time. I don't know when I'll be back. I have even thought, in times of my frustration, stress, and overwhelmingness of juggling school work with learning so much "science and spirituality information" from so many people out there in the forms of books, interviews, and videos lately that I just want to quit this blog and delete it. In physics, there are a couple laws that state, information can never be lost, and our past may not be gone and our future is not non-existent. "The distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion, however persistent." - Albert Einstein. Part of my drive to post on this blog is to be able to understand myself and document what's been on my mind lately in a way so that I can look back on it in the far future. But if the past is never gone, everything is already out there in a two dimensional reality and our 3D reality is something like a hologram, and potentially the 2D reality has something like that of the Akashic Records, information is never lost- again this is another idea that was first introduced to me by Dolores Cannon's metaphysical-related works- perhaps I won't need to keep updating this blog. Maybe after I graduate from nursing school and think about coming back here, I won't feel the need to anymore. This blog has given me great satisfaction in it's inception through that feeling of gaining understanding of myself and the world I live in.

I feel that that is all I have to say now. As the main theme from The Dark Knight comes to a close, a conclusion is coming. I don't know when I will be back again. As of now, I believe I will be coming back. Should a very strong and undeniable calling call me back to my blog, life circumstances will bring me back. But if not, after a year and a half, who knows where I'll be. Through out all the goals I have had while writing this blog: pursuing an adventurous, exciting life; building and learning how to form deep relationships with others; wanting to help others with Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and other modalities out there such as, Chi Gong; I will have one focus for now.

One goal for now, be the best damn nurse I can be. Until the time is right, Bye for now...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Opera Bookmark URL's

Bruce Lipton's Stuff:

Quantum Physics/ Mechanics:

- Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS)
- Holographic Universe Theory



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Lion King and Developing Emotional Intimacy/ Strong Deep Emotional Connection with Others:


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