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R.I.P. Dolores Cannon, Thank You For All You've Done

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Rest In Peace Dolores Cannon (1931-October 18th, 2014)

I am currently listed as a Basic Practitioner and I don't think I can post on the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Forum, so I guess I will write what I want to write here. When I first found out, I was sitting at Denver International Airport waiting to board a flight back to San Francisco International. I had just received an email from Candace CrawGoldman from my Google mail.

It said: [QHHT Support Forum] Candace_CrawGoldman started a new discussion: Sad News: Dolores has Passed

To put it simply, I felt saddened and shocked even though she is obviously advanced in her years. We lost a great pioneer in healing today. We lost her in the physical realm and I know her soul is happier now on the other side. Still, I wish I got to take her Level 2 class with her in person later this year. I was hoping I would be able to meet her in person. But I guess that won't happen now. I feel lost, wondering where Dolores Cannon's students and practitioners will go from here. Who will continue her work? Reporting on the Subconscious' everlasting wisdom? What part will I be able to play from here?

My mood is somewhat dampened because of her passing. It shouldn't be shocking that someone of her age has passed on, but I still feel shocked. I would like to know if she passed peacefully, and what happened. On the website listed above, it says:

Candace_CrawGoldman Wichita, KS USAPosts: 2,115Administrator, Moderator, Recommended Dedicated Practitioner
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It is with the most profound sadness I am sharing with you the news that our beloved Dolores is no longer with us in the physical realm. Please know and trust that she will always be assisting us and connected to us no matter what.    
Here is a note from Julia.  
Hi Everyone, 
It is with a heavy heart that we let you know that Dolores passed into her next world this morning. To this end she was the Dolores that we all know and love and we want you all to know that she appreciated very much the loving energy and prayers you sent her way these last few weeks. She was with all of her family this morning and left surrounded by their and your love. Her heart will remain connected to us all.  

I read on Candace's website that Dolores was in some kind of accident?

UPDATE added September 25, 2014. Unfortunately due to an accident involving Dolores Cannon, the following workshop has been cancelled and will need to be rescheduled at a later date. Thank you for your understanding.

I guess all I can say is that she will be missed, and I will remember her, for she has changed my life. It is because of her work that I am a spiritual person today. She is one of the MAIN reasons. Thank you Dolores for all that you did for us (everyone who has been inspired by Dolores, and there are many)! Thank you for your work, your QHHT technique to help and heal people, the love that you gave people, the lost knowledge and information that you've imparted us in your books, as well as the tremendous ways you've changed our lives for the better! I can only hope I will be able to play as big of a part as you did to inspire, help, and change the lives of others.

The following is from Dolores' book, Between Death and Life, that I feel is appropriate.

Thus we will never actually know until we leave our body for the last time and journey toward the brilliant light that marks the barrier between this world and the next. Even with the knowledge I have gained through my work I am not anxious to make that trip. At least, not yet. I feel I have much to accom­plish yet here on this plane. For in my study of death, I have found the celebration of life. 

But I think when the time comes the journey will not hold as much fear as it once would have. Because I know I am not going into a strange, dark, forbidding unknown. I am merely returning home and there will be as many familiar people and sights on those planes as there are on this one. Maybe the infor­mation I have found has allowed us to lift the veil a little and peer beyond, and allowed us to glimpse through the glass into the shadows and what we see is not as dark as it was before. It is the awakening of memories long buried. And the memories are truly wonderful, because what we see is a beautiful sight to behold. 

I am grateful that I was allowed to have these conversations with the spirits. What they have told me encourages the shed­ding of fears and doubts and brings the realization that what lies beyond the barrier is only a joyous "home-coming."
- Dolores Cannon's Between Death and Life  

Of utmost importance, remember the good the departed have done for us. Don't hold them back by overly grieving their passing. They are much happier on the other side, no matter how great their life here may have been. We will all be reunited one day. There Will Be a Day!

                                                  There Will Be a Day, by Jeremy Camp

10:18 PM, Saturday, October 18th, 2014