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Science and the Anecdotal Evidence of a Prediction of Coming Disasters and Chaotic Times

The emerging story from ancient sites around the world such as Gobekli Tepe; the Great Sphinx of Giza; Caral, Peru; and the Gulf of Khambhat, India, is that our progression as human civilizations was not linear from a primitive society directly to the civilization we have today. In fact all these ancient sites around the world have evidence suggesting that its inhabitants were highly advanced, more advanced than we are today in certain respects, but are all much older than the traditionally excepted timeline of the advent of human civilizations.

It is traditionally accepted that the oldest ancient civilization started about 5,500 years ago in Ancient Mesopotamia, now modern day Iraq, by the Sumerians. Using reliable and accurate methodologies, Gobekli Tepe is estimated to be between 11,000 - 13,000 years old. To put it into perspective, how old Ancient Sumer is to us is how old Gobekli Tepe is to Ancient Sumer!

When we look and study into the evidence of these much more archaic civilizations that existed, it's reasonable to believe that the traditional timeline that many historians and archaeologists accept, is quite incomplete.

What happened to many of these civilizations is unclear. Many civilizations seemed to just vanish suddenly with no trace of evidence pointing to one or more culprits for their disappearances. Others seemed to be purposefully covered up. Gobekli Tepe is a site of unique intrigue in addition because it appears that it was intentionally covered up around 8,000 B.C.E., or about 10,000 years ago. When it comes to anceint civilizations seemingly vanishing, the Maya, is one that comes to mind. And when it comes to the mystery of why civilizations come and go, the Mayan Calender may offer some significant clues.

The Mayan Calender tracks vast cycles of time and the celestial events that occur in them. And from the Maya to the America's, to the indigenous cultures of Ancient India, we learn that ancient civilizations looked to the stars, constellations, and the heavens for knowledge of what would occur. As Gregg Braden put it in his book, Fractal Time, 

"The position of the earth within our galaxy creates powerful changes that signal the end of one world age and the beginning of the next. The knowledge of these cyclic changes is known as the doctrine of World Ages" (47).

 Every 5,125 years, there are changes in Earth's position in space that create a celestial alignment which mark the end of one cycle/world age and the beginning of the next cycle/world age. This is also known as Galactic Alignment. Here is a good website to try and understand it. Ancient cultures have termed this time period between alignments, world ages, due to the vast and significant changes that come with the heralding of a new world age. Changes in climate change, sea level, civilizations, and life have accompanied the past ushering of world ages that when world ages arrive, the existing world is said to end. To get an easy understanding of the world changes that occur with new world ages, we can recount the story of the four worlds of the past of the Hopi people in the North American Southwest. It describes the three previous worlds that existed before the fourth world we live in today. In all three worlds, the ushering of a new world age, about 5,000 years in between each, all ended in disasters and cataclysms. The first met its end with earthquakes and the sinking of continents. The second with the earth frozen over in ice, and in the third, with the earth and life being struck by a great deluge. Now it's just a story right? Perhaps it is just a story for those who prefer to think of it as a metaphor rather than history. Although it is described in nonscientific terms, the description of the cataclysmic events that ended each era is eerily similar to the geological records of the earth. To demonstrate, scientists know from data from the ocean sediments and polar ice cores that Earth has gone through a period of earthquakes and volcanic activity around 20,000 years ago. We know there was an ice age about 17,000-12,000 years ago, and we know that for the next 4,000 years approximately, there was a period of melting of glaciers and ice with tremendous rains, and this period is often associated with the time of the biblical flood.

And according to the Hopi, our world, the fourth world, ended in December of 2012, and with some controversy, 2017 (*3) , and that we will very soon/are already in the zone of the the fifth world. And as the same cycles of time and nature that brought upon the changes in all the past world ages, are now heralding the present world to and end, and the next in the process as we speak. What makes the Hopi's prophecy eerie is the accuracy of the story. The Hopi knew of the cycles before our modern culture can even understand them scientifically. Then the question is, is their understanding of past world ages and cycles of time have been precise, what of the prediction for the future as we enter the fifth world age?

Then this explains is somewhat scientific terms and anecdotal evidence, of Erin Pavlina's prediction my spirit guides wanted to impart to me back in September of 2014.

This here was what my spirit guides wanted to pass on to me via Erin:

"Hi Michael,
Okay here we go….
First, your guides are saying you're actually on a really good path to become what you want to become.
Nursing and especially travel nursing are going to be fantastic for you.  Here's what they're showing me…
Take a job in whatever state or city you can find work, because you're not going to be there terribly long.  Get some experience, get in the door, do the work for a while.  You're going to see that you are excellent at it, and all the things you feared aren't going to happen.  You're going to gain some confidence and you're going to feel solid.
While you've got the steady and stable job, start figuring out how you can segue into travel nursing.  Research it, find companies, talk to other nurses who travel, etc.  Start to see how you can jump into travel nursing.  Your guides are showing me you potentially connected to a tv show or documentary crew and being one of the medical experts on the team that travels with the crew and provides emergency medical services, and that's why being an ER nurse is going to be critical.
They're also saying to keep yourself in really good shape physically.  Don't let that slide.  It's going to be a really big factor later.
they're also saying not to get too attached to anyone since for the next several years you're going to need to be mobile at a moment's notice.
So you're on the right path.  This is all going to turn into something you can't even fathom right now.
Get a job as an ER nurse that is stable and steady
Then get into travel nursing, potentially with a film crew but however you can get it done, get it done
You're going to be really happy and you're going to get some amazing opportunities.  Just hold those desires in your mind and keep day dreaming about them.  Don't let your fears get teh best of you.  You're going to do great."

It is coming, and I will be ready, to make the difference of a lifetime. I cannot deny that there is definitely a shift in consciousness. A realization going on in the world, behind the scenes of what the mainstream media knows or reports about. It is the realization and shift in consciousness of who we really are, our spiritual nature, and the merging of science and the spirituality taught by ancient teachers, gurus including Jesus, the Buddha, and other enlightened individuals here to make the difference in the world.

Collectively, we are in the process of leaving the Age of Pisces, and entering the Age of Aquarius. The transition will not necessarily be a fast one defined by one event. It will likely be a process. There are no clear indicators between the end of one era and the beginning of the next.

Perhaps this website, summarizes it well.

"More and more people are awakening each day as the veil that cover us, which is a part of this planetary school, can no longer hold and are lifted as the light from heaven shine down on us and awaken us from our slumber, making us remember the spiritual aspect of ourselves, that we are in fact a part of God. We are supreme beings with unlimited power and that we originally live the life of universal truth, which is love and compassion...
There are people who chuck this information aside, do not think out of the box, do not want to know about their spirituality and continue to be attached to materialism. They are those who are not ready to ascend. It is not seen as good or bad here, which normally will be the case in a dualism perspective, but that these souls simply require more experience in the physical world to mold and to learn before they are ready to ascend. 
In the perspective of Christianity, the ascension process is akin to the Second Coming of Christ. Where the return of the Messiah is not a return of a single entity, but in which humanity at long last is given the opportunity to easily embrace and experience the Christ Consciousness just like Jesus experienced.
The Christ Consciousness is not in strict reference to the religion of Christianity per se, it is also known to be referred to as the Cosmic Consciousness, the God Consciousness or the Higher Consciousness."





4. Chapter 2: The Doctrine of World Ages, of Fractal Time by Gregg Braden

5. Chapter 4: The Hidden History of Our Forgotten Past, of Deep Truth by Gregg Braden

My Focus

Things to Focus My Time On:

Personal Growth

- Self-Improvement:
     1. Reading, exploring, and writing on Spirituality related topics
     2. Practice Meditating once a day

- Playing & Having New Experiences:
     3. Plan to get into rock climbing and travel
     4. Play in Nature

Contribution (Outside of Nursing):

     1. Donate $200/month towards an organization for good cause
     2. Practice daily the Waterfall smile technique with people that you pass by

"It is not a specific action, achievement, or quality that makes one great, rather an undefinable energy, a radiance from within which brings peace, happiness, and well-being to the world."

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Exploration - What We Often Lose When We Grow Up

I am of the belief that life feels boring when we are not exploring. When we are not exploring in our minds, exploring what we are naturally curious about as children and yearned to know about with no fear of ridicule, that is when life is dull. When that happens, we have fallen into a cycle of sameness, acceptance, and a dying of who we really are - souls here to learn, grow, create, and experience what speaks to our hearts. And from that cyclical trap, we numb the feeling of dullness with whatever gives us the most immediate feeling of pleasure and escape. Television, media, eating, having sex or masturbating routinely - we all know these conduits we use to ignore the feeling of emptiness inside. Days like this turn into weeks like this. Weeks like this turn into months like this, and before we know it, a year has gone by and our lives are unremarkable and dull still.

The solution is obvious but harder to do, when we are so used to our dull but comfortable routines. Explore what you are curious about. That means read. When you read something interesting on a page in a book, explore more on that topic, and once you have explored that topic for a bit, continue with the next page in the book. This way you can make connections with different materials, be engaged, and really learn and absorb, instead of passively sucking up information, trying to remember it for the sake of remembering it.

Explore with your mind, and explore all that speaks to your heart.