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An Anecdotal Evidence Verifying Dolores Cannon's Work

This post is another example of how Past-Life Regressionist, Dolores Cannon, has found the source of all knowledge and the information that comes through her clients from this "source of all knowledge", is beginning to be corroborated by science. Check out what this article is all about:

The following is an excerpt from a session in Dolores Cannon's Convoluted Universe 3: (The context of the excerpt does not need to be understood) The "S" refers to the Subconscious, the term that Dolores refers to as the source of all knowledge - it is NOT the term psychologists refer to.
"D: I was thinking it was all part of the same system. 
S: Maybe, maybe – I don’t know ... maybe finer particles were caught by Saturn. But the bigger chunks ... Saturn and Jupiter have many, many rocks orbiting around them that aren’t really moons of theirs. They’re just things that they captured in their gravitational field. Uranus caught some – so did Neptune. Pluto is a piece. It is not a planet. There are other pieces farther out yet." (pg. 483, Convoluted Universe 3)
The amazing thing here is that this session was done in August of 2005, a whole year prior to the worldwide announcement on August 24th, 2006, by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), an organization of professional astronomers, which revoked Pluto's status as a planet. Dolores Cannon writes:
"This was why I was stunned to hear this part about Pluto which was verified a year later in 2006. I think this is validation once again that I am truly in communication with something bigger than all of us. The part that has all the answers and powers beyond the comprehension of our mortal minds. This is why I love to work with this part." (pg. 483-484, Convoluted Universe 3)

To read about the changing of Pluto's status, go here

Quantum Mechanics & the Afterlife

"Quantum physicists are discovering no conflict at all between the physics of the subatomic world and belief in the paranormal and the afterlife. Indeed they are showing that the phenomena we now call “paranormal” are normal and consistent with the what is now known about laws of science at this level." - Victor Zammit

"Those who think they can rely on outdated science to support a materialist view of a universe without an afterlife and psychic phenomena are clearly misinformed." - Victor Zammit

Look at numbers 34-37 at Victor Zammit's website:  <-- On quantum physics and the afterlife

Parallel Worlds & Parallel Lives

This post is another example of how Past-Life Regressionist, Dolores Cannon, has found the source of all knowledge and the information that comes through her clients from this "source of all knowledge", is beginning to be corroborated by science. Check out what this article is all about:

Part 1/5 of BBC's Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives
                                Watch all five parts! Go to the user's account as you'll find the other parts.

                                            The Fabric of the Cosmos: Universe or Multiverse?

Living in a Parallel Universe

These ideas of parallel lives and universes are talked about in Dolores Cannon's books. Listen to what she has found:

To see more on the science scientific theories behind parallel universes and parallel lives, take a look at these documentaries:

                             Parallel Universes, Alternative Timelines & Multiverse - BBC Horizon

Through the Wormhole: Are There Parallel Universes?


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The Power of Our Thoughts & The Scientific Experiments Backing This Up

This post is another example of how Past-Life Regressionist, Dolores Cannon, has found the source of all knowledge and the information that comes through her clients from this "source of all knowledge", is beginning to be corroborated by science. Check out what this article is all about:

The power of our minds and thoughts is another idea that is found in Dolores Cannon's books. She has found that the law of attraction, that our thoughts, when focused and not scattered diffusely, influence and create our reality. Listen to what Dolores has to say about this in this interview with Supreme Master Television:

In Through the Wormhole, episode, "Is There A Sixth Sense?", shows exactly how scientific experiments are showing that our thoughts are much more than just electrical signals in the brain due to release of neurotransmitters. The Global Consciousness experiments are just one example of how our thoughts can have a direct impact on our reality as we know it.

Part 1:
Part 2:

The way our thoughts can travel through space to the minds of others also makes sense when it comes to mob psychology, as it explains how groups of people can get caught up into the destructive behavior. Listen to Dr. Bruce Lipton's "Biology, Belief and Consciousness - May 14, 2005" interview here; go to approximately 47 minutes and listen to 59:12 and pay attention to how cells tune into thoughts and how it relates to consciousness, the human consciousness project, September 11th of 2001, cellular memory in organ transplants, and to mob psychology:

The transcript for this interview can be found here:

This idea of our thoughts being powerful is also seen in my previous post talking about how "we make ourselves sick".

And finally, listen to how Will Smith used the law of attraction in his own life:

Causes to Cancer and Lupus & The Ultimate Cures (Hint: It's Not Medications)

You know, if you look around to many books outside of mainstream medicine, you'll find that many people have been looking for the ultimate causes for our modern society's plagues: cancer & autoimmune diseases like Lupus. The following is a book I used that truly helped me understand the cause of cancer:

I used it when my Golden Retriever, Lucky had cancer. The author, Dr. Steven Eisen, has passed on, but this book was written after years of studying cancers in humans, and then adapted for dogs, which honestly, is not that different cause and treatment-wise.

Dr. Tim O'Shea's website explains the cause of cancer:

Dr. Bruce Lipton - How your beliefs and perceptions affect your biology/genes:

And when it comes to Lupus, Dr. Gary Levin has completed a 100% natural treatment protocol that targets the real reasons for this autoimmune disorder, which as you'll see in the book, is due to diet/lifestyle.

These posts are by no means meant to be advertisements to sell random products. These are books that teach you how to fish, and thus feed you for a lifetime. Knowledge, when applied, is powerful!

Here are other very helpful resources:

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The Consciousness of Our Cells & "You Make Yourself Sick"

In this post, I want to show the similarities being found in cell biology to that of what Dolores Cannon has found from regressing many clients in the somnambulist state. Read the following excerpt from Dolores Cannon's book, The Convoluted Universe Three:
“In my therapeutic technique, I work with the subconscious to heal the client. I do this by allowing it to find the cause of the illness or disease. Once it has explained this cause, it can take the problem away. It may be only the person’s own mind doing the healing once the conscious mind interference has been removed during deep hypnosis. Whatever it is, it works and I have seen miracles performed in my office. I call this part that I communicate with the “subconscious”, but I know it is not the part that the psychiatrists refer to. This is much, much bigger and more powerful. I believe I am communicating with the person’s higher self, the higher consciousness, the Oversoul. It is the part that has all of the answers, and the information and the healing can be given if it is appropriate. It answers to the name of “subconscious”, so that is how I refer to it. When we are communicating, it will refer to itself as “we” instead of a single entity. It always speaks the same through all of the clients I work with all over the world. 
Now for the piece of the puzzle that fell into place and caused the light bulb to go off. I have published three books by Dr. O.T. Bonnett where he explains how our minds can heal our bodies. In Why Healing Happens, he says it is very important to talk to the cells in our body to get their cooperation when we want something healed. In order to get their attention and let them know a higher authority is speaking to them (our personality), we should always refer to them as “we”. These cells are used to going about their business taking care of the various parts of the body. They are not used to having another part become aware of them. Thus, when we can get their attention and ask them to help us, we are the voice of God, and they pay attention. 

In the manuscript I was reading, a man mentioned that we consider ourselves to be a body, a unit. But actually we are only a casing that is housing trillions of individual cells. These cells compose all the organs and systems of our bodies. They all have their jobs to do, and work in harmony and balance with each other. We are the ones that cause imbalance and introduce disease into their world. Literally, he said that we are just a physical casing housing a huge colony of beings. They are capable of thought, digestion, reproduction, excretion, all the things that we, as humans, are capable of. Thus, because we are only a being composed of a huge colony of trillions of individual beings, it is incorrect to refer to ourselves as “I”. We should call ourselves “we”. 
That was when the light bulb went off. This all sounded so familiar. We should communicate with the cells of our body by using the pronoun “we”. The subconscious or higher conscious refers to itself as “we”. Does that mean that it is also part of an even bigger consciousness? I believe so, and the chapter about God or the Source will begin to make this clear. No one is alone. We are all part of a much larger structure, and each part depends on the other parts in order to survive. It cannot exist alone. I have said many times in my lectures that we are only cells in the body of God. Now it began to fall into place”   
(Pg. 17-18, Convoluted Universe 3).

 This idea of referring to the cells in our body as a "we" and understanding the consciousness they have is seen in the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton. Here's a short biography:
"Bruce H. Lipton, scientist and lecturer, received his Ph.D. at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville (1971). He served as an Associate Professor of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin's School of Medicine. Lipton's research on mechanisms controlling cell behavior employed cloned human muscle cells. In addition, he lectured in Cell Biology, Histology and Embryology. Bruce resigned his tenured position to pursue independent research integrating quantum physics with cell biology.  
 His breakthrough studies on the cell membrane, the "skin" of the cell, revealed that the behavior and health of the cell was controlled by the environment, findings that were in direct contrast with prevailing dogma that life is controlled by genes. Lipton returned to academia as a Research Fellow at Stanford University's School of Medicine to test his hypotheses (1987-1992). His ideas concerning environmental control were substantiated in two major scientific publications. The new research reveals the biochemical pathways connecting the mind and body and provides insight into the molecular basis of consciousness and the future of human evolution."

Go to the link provided above the picture there and listen to Biology, Belief and Consciousness (May 14, 2005) Coast2Coast AM Interview, around the 20 minute mark:
"I would tell students this when I was teaching in medical school, they see themselves, we each see ourselves when we look in the mirror as this singular entity, this single person, I look in the mirror and I see Bruce, and I say that’s one thing, and in reality that would be a misinterpretation for this reason, if I were to shrink you down to the size of a cell, you would see that you are actually made out of living units, the living things that make up you are cells. You are a community of cells. Maybe up to 50 trillion cells in that community. What’s the point? Well you see yourself as a singular thing but in truth, you are a harmonious, when you are healthy, community of 50 trillion cells each interacting together in just like a metropolis. I mean in the exchange of food, money, and energy." 
I have typed up the transcript to this interview here:

And to understand the entirety of how our genes are controlled not by our DNA, but our environment, and more specifically, our perceptions of reality and how it directly affects which genes are expressed and how genes change over time in individuals, I highly recommend listening to all three Coast2Coast AM interviews listed at the website! You will not only understand how our biology is controlled by our beliefs, thus affecting our overall health, but also connect the dots with many other things found in Dolores Cannon's books, such as Multiple-Personality Disorder, cellular memory, quantum entanglement, and so much more. Listen to all three:

- Cells and Identity - February 9, 2005
- Biology, Belief and Consciousness - May 14, 2005
- Genes, Cells & Belief - December 19, 2005

The following is a MUST watch, as Dr. Lipton clearly shows why "we make ourselves sick", something that Dolores Cannon has found in her work! Here's Dolores talking about her work and talking about how she's found that "you make yourself sick", and then Dr. Lipton's presentation:

Go to specifically, the 13:35 mark for the most relevant discussion here. Watch the entire thing if you want, she sums up her work very well in this interview! And now, Dr. Bruce Lipton's presentation on The Biology of Perception: 

Check out Dr. Lipton's book:

Main Points:
1. Our cells are conscious individuals that work efficiently together to maintain proper health
2. When you are sick (in a major disorder, not the common cold), you subconsciously did it to yourself
3. Check our Bruce Lipton's work
4. Check out Dolores Cannon's books and you will see the commonalities being found!


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Is Reality an Illusion?

This post is my second example of how Past-Life Regressionist, Dolores Cannon, has found the source of all knowledge and the information that comes through her clients from this "source of all knowledge", is beginning to be corroborated by science. Check out what this article is all about:

How would most people you know react if you told them that the reality that we know may be nothing but an illusion? Expect to get some weird looks your way or people to burst out laughing and looking at you like you're crazy. I for one, would not blame them, but strangely enough, this idea of reality being an illusion is slowly being introduced more and more into our society.

This idea of our world, the universe, being the shadows of Plato's allegory of the cave, and being an illusion, is discussed in Dolores Cannon's books. Here's a short excerpt from Dolores', The Convoluted Universe Two:

"The astounding concept that nothing in our lives is real, that it is only an illusion has been repeated over and over in my work. The idea disturbs me, because it challenges my concept of reality. Everything in our life appears to be real and solid from our living and working surroundings to the touch and feel of those we love. If the dearest and most precious things in our lives are only an illusion, then how can we perceive reality? I find it much more comforting to think of these concepts as 'mind candy'. Something to think about to challenge our belief systems and push our minds to the brink of understanding. Something to philosophize over. But at the end of the day, to put it over on a shelf and think, "That was interesting. It challenged my belief system. It made me think in a new direction. But now I have to return to the 'real' world" Even if it truly is only an illusion, it is still the only reality we know. So we have to live it" (Chapter 27, Convoluted Universe 2). 

This challenging new idea is seen in NOVA's, Fabric of the Cosmos: What is Space?, episode with renowned physicist and author, Brian Greene. This main idea, the holographic principle, is seen specifically starting around the 47 minute mark of the first video below.

Here's the main relevant clip from the episode to the holographic universe theory:

The Holographic Principle is further discussed in another scientific documentary, Through the Wormhole, with Morgan Freeman, in Season 1, Episode 2, called The Riddle of Black Holes. Here's the full episode. At the minimum, watch specifically from ~25:00 to the end!


The two documentaries listed above are great semi-introductory videos into the holographic principle. There is an in-depth five part video workshop hosted by Stephen Davis, called "The Holographic Universe", which explains how quantum mechanics and recent scientific experiments have been changing the views of reality. It is very well done, and while I do not personally agree with some of the metaphysical concepts Mr. Davis has proposed, much of the science aspects of it makes much sense and fits well into the holographic theory.

Here's Part 1! There are also four other parts after this one! Don't be put off by the cheesier looking presentation, as I initially was, it's a very informative and well-organized presentation of this theory!

From watching Stephen Davis' "The Holographic Universe", I was introduced to the work of Dr. Amit Goswami and Michael Talbot, author of "The Holographic Universe", which was written well before his time!

If you watched all five parts of Mr. Davis' presentation, you may have noticed Dr. Bruce Lipton, a pioneer in the field of epigenetics, cell biology, linking quantum mechanics with cell biology, and how our beliefs and perceptions directly influence our biology. And Dr. Lipton's work will link and connect another one of the findings in Dolores Cannon's books, that our cells are conscious, and that we make ourselves sick! We are not the victims of our biology/our genes!

Now here's Michael Talbot, the author of the book, "The Holographic Universe".
                                                                                      Part 1:

For the full interview, go here:

**For more scientific articles explaining the holographic principle and how it relates to the evidence for spirituality: (Very Informative websites!)

While I completely understand that the holographic universe is not a fully accepted by most scientists right now, I strongly believe that science will gradually more than ever push towards the merging with spirituality!

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The Illusion of Time: Past, Present, and Future All Exist Simultaneously

This post is my first example of how Past-Life Regressionist, Dolores Cannon, has found the source of all knowledge and the information that comes through her clients from this "source of all knowledge", is beginning to be corroborated by science. Check out what this article is all about:

It's hard to deny our everyday experience of the passage of time. We use clocks, watches, and the digital clocks on our cellphones to keep track of it, so we do not fall behind in our daily schedules. Our entire society runs on time, but as real as it feels, science is beginning to show that the distinction between the past, present, and future, may only be an illusion.

The topic of simultaneous time is discussed in Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe series. It’s the notion that all of time exists, that the past is not gone, and that the future with its possibilities is not non-existent. Here are some excerpts from Dolores’ books:

I feel that what she was trying to explain has to do with the theory of simultaneous time. According to this concept, everything (past, present, future) is all existing at the same time, because time is only an illusion. Thus, it can all be accessed. This is what I have succeeded in doing, accessing all of these different various parts. By using this method of hypnosis, we are going to what I call “a past life”, by changing our vibration and frequency to match the vibration and frequency of the time period we wish to see. Very much like tuning the radio channels, or changing the TV stations.”
(pg. 585, Convoluted Universe 3) 

I have described my Convoluted Universe series as books for those who want their minds bent like pretzels. If this story has not succeeded in bending yours a little, then I have not done my job. I think it is a perfect example of how one main soul part can be aware of the others, and it also gives us a glimpse of how they exist at the same time. At one time, I asked the subconscious about simultaneous time. “How is it possible that everything is happening at the same time? We know we start out as a baby, grow into a child, and finally an adult. We see it as linear progression. How can it all be happening at the same time?” It answered, “Because it isn’t happening at the same time. That denotes a beginning and an end. It is existing at the same time.”    ” (pg. 367, Convoluted Universe 3)

And when it comes to this idea of simultaneous time, this also explains what is happening in Multiple-Personality Disorder/Dissociative-Identity Disorder:

When I read this article, I suddenly realized what these doctors are unknowingly dealing with. They are assuming (as most of us do in the normal everyday world) that we are one individual personality. They have no concept of this theory that we are actually pieces, facets, splinters, of a much larger soul which is sending out many pieces to experience as much as possible in a quicker time frame. That all of these pieces of ourselves are existing at the same time and are normally not aware of each other. I have been told that this is the way it should be, because the human mind cannot handle knowing all of these things. In order to function in our everyday, normal world, we must be focused on the present life, on the body we are occupying at the present time. It is all right to know that these other parts exist, but if they were to begin interacting with our present life, it would cause confusion and chaos. I have found that in exceptional cases, the person’s life can become so traumatic that another “piece” decides to come in for a limited while to relieve the pressure on the spirit occupying the body. If this were not done, the trauma would be too great for the spirit assigned to the body. I believe this has been the case in books I have read about multiple-personalities, such as Three Faces of Eve and Sybil. Their lives become so difficult that they look for a way to retreat. Maybe when they came into this life, the veil was thinner, or the glue that holds them in their places was weaker. Either way, I think these “alters” are really some of the other facets (or lives) of the individual leaking through.” (pg. 368, Convoluted Universe 3) 

This idea of time existing all at the same time is also commonly described in those who experience Near-Death Experiences. Check out the case of Anita Moorjani, who describes her NDE, and is cured of cancer after her experience!


One important notion to understand from The Convoluted Universe 3 excerpts and from many NDE’s, is that the passage of time is an illusion. But how can this be? How can something so familiar to us be an illusion? 
“There is really no such thing as “before”. All exists simultaneously. Humans, and their limited human brains, put things in order. It is just about the only way humans can operate. They would be like mice running around in a maze if they didn’t make up these arbitrary structures for themselves.” (pg. 39-40, Convoluted Universe 3) 

For a scientific point of view on this notion, let’s check out NOVA’s…

,which is hour two of the four part The Fabric of the Cosmos Series in which renowned physicist and author, Brian Greene, takes us to the frontiers of physics to see how scientists are piecing together the most complete picture yet of space, time, and the universe.  


In this episode and a piece of the episode seen below, we see exactly why time, as familiar as it seems to us, may be nothing more than an illusion. 

                                                                A Clip From the Episode:

“The flow of time seems to always be in one direction: toward the future. But that may not be right. Discoveries over the last century have shown that much of what we think about time may be nothing more than an illusion. Contrary to everyday experience, time may not flow at all. Our past may not be gone; our future may already exist.”

 “Einstein came to this shocking revelation by uncovering a hidden connection between space and time. What Einstein figured out is that there's a profound link between motion through space and the passage of time. Roughly speaking, the more you have of one, the less you have of the other.”

“And this was Einstein's key insight, that motion through space affects the passage of time… So why don't we ever see this in everyday life? Well, at the slow speeds we move here on Earth, motion's impact on time is so tiny we don't experience it. But the effect is real and can be measured… Einstein's theory has been tested again and again and again. And it all hangs together. It really forms the basis for the way we understand much of the way nature works… With the discovery of this unexpected link between space and time, Einstein realized that the two could no longer be thought of as separate things. Instead, space and time are fused together in what came to be called "spacetime."”

“And this fusion of space and time would lead Einstein to perhaps the most mind-bending realization of all: the sharp difference we see between past, present and future may only be an illusion.”

“To get a feel for this, you have to think about the seemingly simple concept of "now." For me, a list of things that I consider to be happening right now might include the tick of noon on my office clock; my cat just now jumping from the windowsill; things happening far away, like a pigeon in Venice taking flight at this very moment; a meteor just now hitting the moon; and the explosion of a star at the far reaches of the universe.

 These, and all other events that I think are happening at the same moment in time but in different regions of our universe, make up what I intuitively think of as "now." You can picture them as lying on a single slice of spacetime. Let's call it a "now" slice.

Common sense would say that you and I and everyone else will agree on what's happening or what exists right now, moment after moment after moment. That is, we will all agree on what lies on a given now slice. But Einstein showed that, strangely, when you take motion into account, this common sense picture of time goes out the window.

To see what I mean, think of spacetime as a loaf of bread. Einstein realized that, just as there are different ways to cut a loaf of bread into individual slices, there are different ways to cut spacetime into individual "now" slices. That is, because motion affects the passage of time, someone who is moving will have a different conception of what's happening right now, and so they'll cut the loaf into different now slices. Their slices will be at a different angle.

DAVID KAISER: That person who's moving will, will tilt the knife, will be carving out these slices at a different angle. They won't be parallel to my slices of time.”

“The alien's now slice cuts across the loaf differently. It's angled towards the past. Since the alien is biking at a leisurely pace, his slice is angled to the past by only a miniscule amount. But across such a vast distance, that tiny angle results in a huge difference in time. So what the alien would find on his angled now slice—he considers as happening right now, on Earth—no longer includes our friend at the gas station, or even 40 years earlier when our friend was a baby.

 Amazingly, the alien's now slice has swept back through more than 200 years of Earth history and now includes events we consider part of the distant past, like Beethoven finishing his 5th Symphony: 1804 to 1808.

DAVID KAISER: Even at a relatively slow speed we can have, actually, tremendous disagreements on our labeling of "now," what happens at the same time, if we're spread out far enough in space.

BRIAN GREENE: And if that's not strange enough, the direction you move makes a difference, too. Watch what happens when the alien turns around and bikes toward Earth. The alien's new "now slice" is angled to…toward the future, and so it includes events that won't happen on Earth for 200 years: perhaps our friend's great-great-great granddaughter teleporting from Paris to New York.”

Once we know that your now can be what I consider the past, or your now can be what I consider the future, and your now is every bit as valid as my now, then we learn that the past must be real, the future must be real. They could be your now. That means past, present, future…all equally real; they all exist.

SEAN CARROLL: If you believe the laws of physics, there's just as much reality to the future and the past as there is to the present moment.

MAX TEGMARK: The past is not gone, and the future isn't non-existent. The past, the future and the present are all existing in exactly the same way.

BRIAN GREENE: Just as we think of all of space as being "out there," we should think of all of time as being "out there" too. Everything that has ever happened or will happen, it all exists, from Leonardo da Vinci laying the final brushstroke on the Mona Lisa; to the signing of the Declaration of Independence; to your first day of school; to events that, from our perspective, are yet to happen, like the first humans landing on Mars.

 With this bold insight, Einstein shattered one of the most basic concepts of how we experience time. 
"The distinction between past, present, and future," he once said, "is only an illusion, however persistent."       ”  
“JANNA LEVIN: Our entire experience of time is constantly in the present. And all we ever grasp is that instant moment.

MAX TEGMARK: There is nothing in the laws of physics that picks out one now over any other now. And it's just from our subjective viewpoint that it feels like things are changing.

BRIAN GREENE: Just the way an entire movie exists on celluloid, think of all moments of time as already existing too. The difference is that in the movies, a projector lights up or selects each frame as it goes by, but in the laws of physics, there is no evidence of something like a projector light that selects one moment over another. Our brains may create this impression, but in reality, what we all experience as the flow of time really may be nothing more than an illusion.                             

Main Points:

1.      Time is existing at the same time, the past is not gone, and the future is not nonexistent.

2.      The distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion, however persistent

3.      Dolores Cannon’s work with the source of Universal Knowledge has revealed the same information that science is beginning to lean towards to and understanding.

4.      Those that experience Near-Death Experiences report the same feelings of time being all out there existing and the passage of time, being an illusion. 

This is just one of many ways that science is merging with spirituality and what Dolores Cannon has found!

Friday, December 13, 2013

My Unexpected Journey Into the Work of Dolores Cannon

It’s currently Friday, December 13, 2013 at 8:30 PM. I feel as if I am about to embark on another long journey in the realm of writing for my blog. The last one I did was for recording the story of my dog Lucky, who passed on almost a year ago. December 30th of 2012 was the date. It’s a date on the calendar which gives it significance, but if we pause for a minute and throw away the idea of time keeping via calendars, that date for this year, is just any other day. Does the marking of 365 days past that date really have any significance? Not if we don’t attribute significance to it and I’m not sure it does for me.
 You know, time has gone by pretty fast, in the whole scheme of things. I think about Lucky all the time still, and not in a bad way. I think about all the good times we had together, the funny and adorable things she would do, and the way I would play with her. Good times, and with the arrival of my 6-7 week winter break, the last break I will ever have in my schooling career, I feel now is a time to take on this other writing journey of ideas and thoughts which I have been meaning to get out onto paper. It’s something that has changed my life, and greatly influenced me in my attitude towards the world, our universe, other people, other living beings around me including animals and plants, and that which holds the answers to many of life’s big questions. It’s something I want to pursue in the future to explore into myself and help others with. It’s a discovery into a treasure trove filled with answers, ideas, and concepts to the curious and open-minded.

 I believe all things in life lead us up to and prepare us for every moment that lies ahead, but if there were a start for discovering and creaking open the treasure trove, it would be one night during my Freshman year of college. I had returned home for the weekend and my brother and I had just begun taking Lucky for a walk around the neighborhood at night. My brother told me about this YouTube video he had seen of an elderly lady who was a past life regressionist who had discovered information about the afterlife, past lives, reincarnation with great consistency in thousands of her clients when all put into the deepest level of trance, the somnambulistic state. No matter where what their ethnicity was or their background, her clients were all saying the same things about the supposed “afterlife”. Hearing about this, I was intrigued, especially when he reiterated to me that there was great consistency in what all her clients were saying about the “afterlife” when put into the deepest level of hypnosis. I had no idea about past life regressions, and no real opinion on them as I never thought anything of it at all in the past. My brother also brought up weirder things though, that all these lady’s clients were saying, such as UFO's, aliens, and different waves of volunteers from the other side, as for some examples. I was just confused and more than likely laughed this part off and joked about it more than taking it in as a serious, reasonable belief. After talking with my brother for probably close to the entire walk, my brother said he would show my mom and I the video he saw.

The video is called “Project Camelot: Dolores Cannon - Convoluted Universe”, and we began watching it. This one hour and 17 minute video opened up a whole new interest into the metaphysical, the mysterious, the unknown, the lost knowledge of ancient civilizations, and a world of possibilities in understanding about much of the unknown questions humankind has had about life, who we are, where we came from, the existence of a God or no god, why there is such disparity in life and suffering, the enigmatic realm and debate over the existence of intelligent life out there, and concepts of reality that “bend your mind like pretzels”, as Dolores Cannon puts it. It’s hard to summarize exactly what she does since the information she receives from thousands of clients all over the world have varied in topics, yet explored in much depth in all topics. If I were to best explain Dolores’ work, she is a reporter of lost knowledge, knowledge when it comes to spirituality, ancient civilizations, UFO work, the Nostradamus prophecies, the seeding of the earth and human-kind, Jesus, and different metaphysical concepts. In the area of spirituality, the information she gets from her clients talk about past lives, reincarnation, existence of the soul, consciousness, the afterlife, karma, and the life review, just to name a few sub-topics in the realm of spirituality. When it comes to ancient civilizations, she has information about Atlantis; the sudden disappearance of the Maya; what the true significance of December 21st, 2012 is and the Age of Aquarius; information on certain Indian tribes and their legends of the star-people; the Egyptians, the pyramids; and more. And when it comes to metaphysical concepts, they all may seem mind-bending to our everyday perceptions and experiences, but the most fascinating thing about all of her work, besides the fact that she gets all this information from hundreds of her clients all over the world, who have no knowledge of this consciously, and don’t know of each other to form a conspiracy of any kind, and yet are saying and describing the same things in the deepest level of trance, is that many different fields in science are beginning to independently confirm and corroborate what Dolores is finding in her work! This definitely includes the metaphysical concepts that can just downright seem irregular to our natural, everyday experiences of things! Just as an example, Dolores has found that everything in time exists, meaning that the "past" is existing at the same time as our present, and that the future isn't non-existing either. The past isn't gone and to put it simply, all of time exists, it exists as equally as this moment in time you are experiencing. For some people, like me, after seeing the science supporting this idea, it's not so hard to believe, but I can see why for others, this idea of time, may very well seem ludicrous! But as we all know, we have to examine the basis of the idea, of the concept, and be open-minded, and maybe, expect that our universe is much weirder than we could ever have imagined.

 So, this is my mission. This is what I have been eagerly yet hesitantly meaning to write about and get out on paper. The science aspect is ever so gradually linking together so many of the things Dolores has written about, and it’s so exciting, to see how our era is slowly gaining the awareness, the consciousness, about life, the world, and the universe/universes beyond what people have been so deeply engrained into believing about the world and universe at large. And on top of all of this, Dolores has developed a unique technique using regression that can contact our “Higher Selves”, the “Oversoul”, the “Universal Consciousness” – whatever you want to call it, there are a myriad of names – that has been able to instantly heal many of today’s chronic medical afflictions that our medical fields and doctors cannot, and have not, been able to cure! These include cancers; AIDS; heart conditions where surgeries are no longer needed; damaged kidneys being regenerated and restored to full function; back pain, shoulder pains, neck pains; respiratory problems being cured; and so much more! Dolores Cannon’s work has really led me to open my eyes and understand that our current society and civilizations knows so little in the grand scheme of things, which really isn’t a bad thing since curiosity and growth is such a key element in life itself! These are the three main reasons for why I believe in Dolores’s work and what she had found. Note that I did not discover Dolores’ work as a means to alleviate my grief for Lucky’s passing. It’s not something I’m holding onto because I couldn’t think of any other way to deal with her passing. I discovered this quite some time before any of that nightmare/ her diagnosis was learned. As I believe it and as Dolores has found in her work in regards to December 21st of 2012, our world is entering a time of greater consciousness, and a shift, if you will, of living more consciously of who we are and what we do to others.

 And so, my mission here: To write about and demonstrate how many independent fields of science are gradually beginning to merge with what Dolores Cannon has reported in her work. 

 I plan to write about these over my winter break and hope to put all these thoughts, links, and connections of the sciences here on this blog in an organized and well thought out manner for myself, my future self, and others to see, to look back on, and to comprehend. As Dolores Cannon has said, it truly is an exciting time to be alive!    

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Must See: "Happy" Directed by Roko Belic

I've just seen another life-changing program on KQED. It's called "Happy" directed by Roko Belic. This documentary is life-changing to understanding what life is truly all about! It's exactly what I've been saying here on this blog and what I want to do in my life. It's about community, about giving, about connection, compassion. It's not rocket science. Happiness is a skill, just as much as learning to throw a football or shooting a basketball is a skill. When you really boil it down to the nitty and gritty, happiness in life is all about three things:

1) Meaningful relationships with others --> connection, love, camaraderie
2) Personal growth of ourselves --> new experiences, challenging ourselves beyond our limits, learning about things and curiosity of things around us and things bigger than ourselves, self-esteem
3) Contribution to others and society --> compassion, empathy, unconditional love, and as a by-product: legacy to leave behind

The documentary mentioned the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, the extrinsic motivators being status, money, and image. These extrinsic motivators may seem to give us a boost in happiness but fade real quickly. It's been proven that money can raise happiness level only to a certain point, and once it meets our basic physiological needs: shelter, food, water, it does not raise our happiness much more. The level of happiness difference between a person making $5,000 a year to that of a person making $50,000 is a lot, but the difference between the $50,000 person to that of a $50,000,000 is not much according to the study shared in this documentary! And when it comes to status and image of being successful, it breeds envy in others around you and promotes schadenfreude rather than compassion and empathy. True happiness is not about competition. It's about those three things listed above. All three of those criteria lead to feelings of sustaining satisfaction, connection, camaraderie, love, self-esteem, compassion, empathy, appreciation, gratefulness, and all of the feelings of what's known as "spiritual emotions".

This documentary is truly life-altering and I absolutely thank PBS and KQED for their community and public based programs, from this one, to "Earth Songs" by Michael York, to NOVA and Nature programs - and certainly not to forget mentioning the PBS kids shows I grew up adoring.

Great time today with a good friend of mine who I've not seen in a long time - and got to see Captain Phillips which turned out to be such a great movie. He's done with his stint with the Navy and I'm grateful for the friendship I have with him. He's going to be going to LA soon and may be parting ways for a long time again but keeping in touch with friends is what I want and need to do.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Done With Second to Last Semester of College & What I Want To Be

It’s 9:53 PM right now of December 7th, 2013. It’s a Saturday night, but I’m not out doing what most 21 year olds are doing on a Saturday night. I don’t really care to. What I do care about is what I want my life to be like. I have thought about this in detail before but not of any recent time lately. Today was my last day of Finals, and thus, my Senior One semester has come to an end. I only have a semester left of my four year nursing program. It’s been a long haul. It’s been trying, and I can’t say it hasn’t been tough. But being right around the corner now, makes me think about my life again. I needed to remind myself of where I am going in life, what I want to see myself doing, why I went to nursing school in the first place, and whether my view of my goals and dreams have changed, now nearing the end of my career as a student - especially since I feel there is little chance that I will want to go to graduate school.

I want to live a life on my terms. I just saw a YouTube video called “What It Takes to Be an Adventurer”, posted by National Geographic. It was reminiscent of the pure freedom, adventure, and the excitement one would see in those GoPro Camera commercials, depicting those who live life with the desire to pursue what makes them feel alive. There is a commercial on television that asks people what they would do if money was no object, and it disappointed me due to the fact that the responses people were giving out were lackluster, and not seriously well-thought out. I mean no disrespect, and if your dream is to be a pie-maker, then go at it and live that dream! Regardless, I know what I would say. I want to be a worldwide explorer and adventurer. Bear Grylls; Rolf Potts; Raam Dev; Jimmy Chin, a photographer for National Geographic, are all idols and role-models I highly respect. They all put it out on the line to live their dreams. I want to live a mix of what all these guys do. I want to explore the world, and live in the moment. I want to be a vagabond, exploring the world extensively at my own pace, and embracing the moment and the people I am with, along the journey. I want to read about and truly understand the indigenous people, the place, the significance of where I am at, to give proper perspective to the enigmatic, yet wonderful place I am sojourning at. I want to be dedicated to living a life that I love, even if it means there may be difficult times. Becoming a nurse is supposed to be a powerful step that opens doors towards gaining the money and time (Freedom) free for my endeavors. I plan to work about two years first, with just the two weeks vacation a year – such ridiculousness, the amount of time off American workers get – with three days work and four days off. I want to begin to explore the adventure hobbies and adventure sports that I can pursue around me during that time. Once then, I can choose to become a travel nurse, and get three months a year off to do whatever I please, and see how that fairs. All this while living a minimalist’s lifestyle of expunging everything in my life that holds me down mentally, physically, and only focus on the things in life that are truly important to me. Maybe after a while, I’ll choose to work Per Diem, thus being able to be more of a boss of my own schedule. I do want to become a flight nurse one day so if I can’t travel as much then, it may be a sacrifice I’d have to make but flight nursing is definitely something I want to experience as well. All this while, during my free time, I also want to be working on myself, the personal growth aspect. As stated on “My Goals” page, personal growth, contribution to others/society, and deep, meaningful relationships with others are the keystones to happiness. Times will be tough and many things will not go as to plan, but by God, the journey towards one’s utopia vision of life, is truly to be looked forward to and to sweat, bleed, and sacrifice for! This type of future I envision will certainly be, nothing short of an adventure!   

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