Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Establishing Concrete, Attainable Goals for Myself

In ChasingHappiness May Leave You Unhappier than Ever by Amy Morin at PsychologyToday, I read an insightful piece of truth that I knew I needed to implement. What it said is that while acts of kindness does have some impact in terms of making people - the giver and receiver - happier, what actually would make people happier is establishing concrete, attainable goals aimed at helping other people. It's counter-intuitive. We normally think that having a broad general goal of helping others would make us happy, but having concrete, attainable goals allows us to have realistic expectations of how we would be able to impact other people. It decreases the expectation-reality gap.

What would I do if I knew I could not fail? The answer is several folds. One, I would live a life full of adventure. I would be climbing mountains, and challenging myself in nature through adventure sports and activities. But that can't be it. There is something even more to my life than just that. I really want to be a person who will be remembered for making positive, memorable differences in the lives of others. For one, I want to be a travel nurse. I want to travel nation-wide and internationally and see where that takes me. Then the idea of being a flight nurse has always intrigued me since the inception of that idea was implanted in my mind during my Junior year of nursing school. In addition, I want to learn all about spirituality, as I believe it is the essence of all life and matter in the universe. I want to learn and teach others about how science and spirituality are merging together. I want to learn about the powers that our ancient, indigenous world cultures have always said. I want to learn the different powerful healing techniques, abilities, and modalities to help better the lives of others. I want to teach others these healing modalities, and the different, powerful possibilities that can exist with embracing the true nature of spirituality. I want to be a role model for others of practicing compassion, unconditional love, and show others how great we can all be.

That's what I really want to do with my life. I think that would be a life well-lived for me. However that description of the dream for me is huge. It's like asking oneself, if I want to climb Mount Everest within the next year, how would I do it? I guess the answer is to take the dream one step at a time.

I know in my heart that focusing on one goal at a time is most realistic and practical. But I want to do all of this right now. I'm trying to go skiing every week. I want to get into rock climbing but don't know how. I've taken a couple steps to get clients for QHHT but so far nothing yet. On days off from work, I still often times feel like I'm not using my time very well. Sometimes I doubt how bad I want it because if I want it so bad, why aren't I making things happen? Sometimes I feel like I'm all talk, and no walk. It's a struggle. I'm afraid of putting myself out there and letting other people know what I'm trying to do, that I believe in QHHT and its potentials. Would I even be able to defend myself adequately if other people questioned me on my beliefs? At some point I have to try even harder to make things happen instead of just hoping that the universe will give me opportunities.

I need to establish clear, measurable, and attainable goals for myself.

Goal for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique:

To conduct my first session of Quantum Healing Hypnosis here in Casper, Wy within one month from today (Deadline: April 4th, 2015)

To do this, I need to get used to talking about things I'm not currently comfortable talking about. Spreading what I'm looking to do via word of mouth is the best method. I believe I've already posted a flyer at the community library, so people who happen to pass by have the opportunity to read and contact me if intrigued. The next step is to spread via word of mouth. I'm not used to doing this at all. I'm not at all used to talking about my beliefs and asking questions to people about that. I need to get used to talking about and asking people things that I'm not comfortable talking about right now. This self-improvement is probably the biggest thing I can do right now to grow personally as well as find clients and volunteers for QHHT. Anytime I feel some tension or discomfort, I will need to learn to deal with it and talk about it, and not to let fear overcome and paralyze me. 

Sub-goal/Things I Need to do Next:
- I need to be able to talk about what QHHT is, why I believe in it, the science of spirituality
-Anytime I feel some tension or discomfort, I will need to learn to deal with it and talk about it, not to let fear overcome me
-text people if interested in QHHT
-invite people over to teach them about science and spirituality
-ask people about interest in having QHHT session after bringing it up in conversation
- pass out QHHT cards to those interested