My Goals (Constantly Being Updated as I Go Through Life)

Current Goal:

I only have one real goal now. It is to develop myself into a compassionate, loving person and to help others and make differences in positive, memorable, and inspiring ways. First and foremost, to work and develop myself to being a kind, compassionate, and loving human being. This means doing what I read in The Art of Happiness with the Dalai Lama: To cultivate genuine happiness by deliberately selecting and focusing on positive mental states and challenging and replacing negative mental states (Work on cultivating spiritual emotions such as compassion, kindness, altruism, gratitude and replace negative emotions including anger, jealousy, fear, etc). By developing myself into a compassionate, loving person I will make a simple, yet huge difference in the lives of people I meet everyday. People will remember how they were treated, above all else. And then from whatever work I end up doing, I want it to make a memorable and positive difference in others' lives.

I want to live a minimalist's lifestyle with focus purely on personal growth (self-improvement, playing, having new experiences that fascinate, amaze, excite, and invigorate me --> maximizing the experience of Flow); contribution/helping others/making a positive, memorable difference in the lives of others; and close, meaningful relationships, the three things that result in true happiness.

What my past goals have looked like and how they have altered:

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The Things That Interest Me

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