Saturday, September 26, 2015

What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

"What would I do if I knew I could not fail? The answer is several folds. One, I would live a life full of adventure. I would be climbing mountains, and challenging myself in nature through adventure sports and activities. But that can't be it. There is something even more to my life than just that. I really want to be a person who will be remembered for making positive, memorable differences in the lives of others. For one, I want to be a travel nurse. I want to travel nation-wide and internationally and see where that takes me. Then the idea of being a flight nurse has always intrigued me since the inception of that idea was implanted in my mind during my Junior year of nursing school. In addition, I want to learn all about spirituality, as I believe it is the essence of all life and matter in the universe. I want to learn and teach others about how science and spirituality are merging together. I want to learn about the powers that our ancient, indigenous world cultures have always said. I want to learn the different powerful healing techniques, abilities, and modalities to help better the lives of others. I want to teach others these healing modalities, and the different, powerful possibilities that can exist with embracing the true nature of spirituality. I want to be a role model for others of practicing compassion, unconditional love, and show others how great we can all be. 

I want to explore in my mind and the world out there. I want to explore possibilities that expand our understanding of who we are, who we can be, what we can do, and where we have come from. I want to understand the nature of reality. I want to be enlightened and know it all. I want to feel the awe and amazement that comes with realizing how amazing all of life and reality is. I want to be fascinated, amazed and awe-inspired. I want to explore, play, grow, transform, love, and be loved. 

That's what I really want to do with my life. I think that would be a life well-lived for me. However that description of the dream for me is huge. It's like asking oneself, if I want to climb Mount Everest within the next year, how would I do it? I guess the answer is to take the dream one step at a time."

Part of my post from March 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"What's The Most Important Thing In Your Life?" Response

I've been thinking about the question of "what's most important thing to you in your life?". This question is percolating in my consciousness after watching a documentary on Navy Seals, and trying to understand to the best of my assumptions of why the job description of a special forces operator is so enticing to them while the job requires impossible to fathom effort, persistence, and desire to even achieve.

To answer the question, I think there is no one right answer. Often times we fall into the trap of wanting the perfect answer that would fit for all situations and for everyone. I do think it is highly important to understand our values and to listen to our emotions as an internal compass to guide us. For some people, at some areas of their life, they will value freedom, spontaneity, independence over stability and routine. And when you know what you value, in combination with knowing what you desire, your path regarding life, meaning, purpose, becomes pretty clear. When people want to know regarding the question of life purpose, I think we are again falling into the trap of wanting the perfect answer. We think, "No, there has to be one perfect mission as to why I am here on earth!" Well, for some, maybe. For others, there will be more than one, and ranging to multiple. For a person like me who is spiritual, and believes in life plans, karma, I believe that we all incarnate with intentions when coming here and we have free will to make decisions along the way, mixed with certain life events we agreed upon before incarnating to happen, occur, and manifest, no matter if we see it as good or bad from our limited perspective. Some people will have a clear mission/purpose that they will find themselves strongly influenced into, while others will have several. Some people are here to play, while others are here to work, and others are here to work and play. How can we know what we are each here to do? I think Heather Shea's Becoming Your Higher Self is a great step towards listening to our inner voice/ higher self to guide us properly. We have free will to make decisions and run the maze of life, trying to find our happiness, but why not be guided to the path that will make us find our bliss and happiness in the most direct and fastest way possible?

I think knowing our values, and listening to our internal compass are the two most important things towards finding a great path, one that we intended on being on, and that will bring us forms of happiness in our lives, regardless if that feeling of happiness comes from meaning, purpose, personal growth, relationships, contribution,..

It is important to keep in check certain types of desires, when I say, listen to our internal compasses (emotions). Emotions like ecstasy from sex, power, and desires that are more likely to result in some form of negative consequence if not controlled properly, do have there values in them. Often times these types of desires are great motivators short term, whereas, for example, wanting to be in good health, is something we all want, but does not help too much in terms of motivation in the short term perspective. So these desires that need to be properly controlled do have there time, place, worth, and value, but do need to be kept in check. Desires and human needs such as personal growth, contribution, and having strong relationships are desires and needs that are less likely to result in negative consequences and are more of what is called/labeled as "spiritual emotions", for good reason.

At the end of the day, it pays to know your values, and to listen to your emotions and know that they serve to guide you, whether you believe in a higher power, or not.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Fire in My Heart

I haven't posted anything on here for a while, even though life has not been without its challenges. Since around February or so of this year, I've been slowly adjusting to the idea of going off on my own, and having my own life. Between me and my brother I mean. I wish the best for him, AND I need to start having my own life. A life where I am not concerned about what he is doing. I need a life where I am so enveloped in what I am doing and what is going on around me, that I naturally focus on what's going on around me. I need that. I guess this year, so far, for me has been about leaving behind the world of schooling, and into the work force and real world. It has been challenging, feeling like people are going their own ways. Partly wishing the people around me would stay the same, and only I change, for the better. But life doesn't work that way. It just doesn't. Things are going on around me that I can't control. And I have to leave them in God's hands. People moving away. Relationships changing. Being on my own for lots of the time. Trying to get into a hobby that isn't easy to learn: rock climbing, while knowing and praying that my near future of what I have dreamed and day dreamed about in some capacity or another, comes true. My dream of traveling to far flung places around the world, to help people in a meaningful way, and to leave my imprint on them, seems like a strong day dream right now. In the right moments, when I day dream/dream about it, right before I nod off into a slumber, if feels like I'm living it, and it's close, but then after basking in the satisfaction it would provide for my soul, I realize that it was just in my mind and in my heart. Just burning in my heart, waiting to manifest into a reality. When I day dream about it, it's a feeling that feels so right. It's a feeling that not only nourishes my soul, but completes the essence of who I am. In the midst of my dream, it feels so RIGHT. It feels so invigorating. It feels so SATISFYING without the feeling of lack or scarcity. It feeds my desires of adventure, travel, spontaneity, purpose, meaning, ego, and demonstrates my character and values. It's once in a lifetime. It's like nothing I could ever imagine. I'm still waiting for it. Burning for it. And until that day...I can't wait.